Yes, you read the title correctly.

A doll that gives birth.

More specifically, a doll that is first pregnant, then gives birth through an elastic hole in her crotch to a baby who arrives complete with an umbilical cord and even a placenta, and then can both breastfeed her new baby and carry it in a sling.

What do you think?

Dolls as Teaching Tools

According to their website, MamAmor Dolls are "designed as educational tools that demonstrate normal, natural birth, breastfeeding, and bonding." Each doll is handcrafted so that no two are the same, and you can get one of your own for $130, or $145 or more if you want to place a custom order. Hmmm...

Dolls that demonstrate natural acts like birth and breastfeeding aren't new. In 2002, Wal-Mart pulled a pregnant Barbie from its shelves because customers complained. Some thought the doll promoted teenage pregnancy, while others felt that the doll (whose baby was delivered by opening up her stomach) presented young girls with a completely inaccurate understanding of how pregnancy and childbirth actually work

More recently, the Spanish Bebe Gloton doll that allows young girls to imitate breastfeeding has stirred up controversy as well, with some people suggesting that it is completely inappropriate for young children, and others expressing disappointment over the unrealistic way that the doll portrays the act of breastfeeding.

What sets MamAmor dolls apart from these others, though, is that they are so freakin' realistic. Seriously, click here if you want to see pictures of the doll and how it actually "gives birth." (No, that isn't a MamAmor doll in the photo that accompanies this post, but I couldn't help myself. Tell me it doesn't look like that doll is preparing for a water birth.)

Where DO Babies Come From?

Personally, I think the realism that accompanies the MamAmor doll is what makes so many people uncomfortable. If your child still thinks that babies are brought by the stork, this doll is going to make for some interesting conversations.

But if your children are expecting a new sibling, a MamAmor doll is definitely one way you could prepare them for what to expect. The dolls are recommended for children ages 3 and older, but are said to be suitable for younger children with adult guidance. Ultimately, how much information about birth a child can handle is going to vary widely depending on their age and temperament, so you'll have to decide how much information you're comfortable sharing and what your personal values and boundaries are.

Would you buy your child a doll that gives birth? Are these dolls neat? Or do you think that they're inappropriate for young children?


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