February is the month where the rubber really starts to hit the road with wellness resolutions. It always seems as though the gym is a little less crowded, the kale a little more plentiful in the market, and the lure of chocolate is a little bit stronger in the 2nd month of the year. Need a little help staying on track? Use these tips to ensure that you stay on the path to wellness.

Find a Buddy

Lots of things are better with a friend โ€” and wellness is no exception! Schedule walking dates, invite a friend over for a healthy lunch, or simply agree to send each other encouraging emails once a week. If you're both the competitive sort, make your goals into a game and see who can reach small milestones first.

Go Public

Social media offers an engaging platform to publicize your goals. Announce your intentions on Facebook and you'll have an entire friend list cheering you on. Want to share even more? Think about blogging your goals. Blogger and Typepad both offer easy-to-use blogging platforms that will allow you to journal the journey.

Get Inspired

Who doesn't love to watch a success story? It can be very motivating to read and watch other people's journeys โ€” especially if you can gain insight into their struggles and successes. Many fitness magazines offer before-and-after stories along with tips for maintaining success. Want to follow along as four real-life people pursue their wellness goals? Tune in to Lifetime Television on Mondays to follow The Balancing Act's Lifetime of Health & Wellness Makeover Series. Read more about the participants on The Balancing Act.

Try Something New

Add a little excitement into your routine by trying something new this month. Check out a new fitness class, prepare a new healthy recipe, or pick up a new book at the library. There's a great (and so true!) quote floating around that says, "Doing what you've always done will get you to where you've always been." Shake up that routine!

Plan to Succeed

Another favorite quote โ€” "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Take a little time each week to set your intentions. Jot down lists and schedule time. Wellness deserves the same attention (or more!) as all of the other activities in your life. Make it a priority!