It's an age-old problem — how can working dads stay fit and healthy while juggling long hours at work, family commitments, household chores and time to relax? It's a struggle many dads face on a day-to-day basis and while there may be windows of time during a week or month to focus on our fitness, in many cases it takes a true lifestyle change to comprehensively address the issue.

Many men fail to make exercise and fitness a priority, leaving it at the bottom of their even-expanding to-do list. That is a mistake. Sure, there is limited time for all of us. But if we take a close look at our schedule, I would wager that you could find a few hours a week to find time for fitness.

Here are a few ways to make it more of a priority:

1. Schedule It

We schedule meetings at work. We schedule date nights with our wives. We schedule doctor appointments. If fitness is a priority for you, schedule it and treat it as if it's an appointment that cannot be changed.

2. Start Small

If finding time to exercise is challenging, try to carve out only a small amount of time at first. For instance, try to build one hour a week into your schedule. As you progress in your workouts, you will likely want to find more time to exercise and you will.

3. Best Time of Day

If you're not a morning person, try not to build your workout schedule around the early morning hours because you'll be more than likely to cancel it. Instead, look for the time of day that works best for you. Would it be easier for you to jump on an elliptical machine in your basement once the kids have gone to bed? Could you get up an hour earlier in the morning and fit in a quick trip to the gym? Maybe you have a gym near your office and could spend part of your lunch break taking a quick class. Whichever way works for you, figure it out and stick to it.

4. Make It Fun

If you hate biking, then by all means don't build your workouts around cycling. If you hate lifting weights, don't join a gym where weights are the focus. Stop and ask yourself what kind of exercise do you enjoy? Is it running? Yoga? Tennis? Figure out what you like to do and start doing it.

5. Doesn't Have to Be a Gym

Do not be fooled into thinking that you must join a gym if you want to exercise. That's so 1990's. Times have changed and so have you. There's everything from boutique gyms with specialized classes — which can be pricey — to sweaty Cross Fit gyms that will challenge you on a multitude of levels. You can even simply buy a comfortable pair of athletic shoes and start power walking around your neighborhood. Your exercise routine doesn't have to be one-size-fits-all. That can become repetitive. Try to mix it up and keep your workouts fresh.

6. A Family Affair

Sometimes exercising is easier when we have others alongside us. Try to encourage your wife and kids to join you. They will not only keep you company; they will also help to motivate you to continue.

7. Consider Diet

Exercise is crucial but it is only one part of the fitness equation. Take a look at the food in your diet to determine if you are eating as healthy as you possibly can. As I mentioned before, staying fit often demands a lifestyle change. Cutting out unhealthy foods that you've probably been eating for decades is a challenge for anyone. Taking steps to cut the bad food from your diet takes work, discipline and sacrifice. However, if you marry it with a regular fitness routine, you will be on your way to better health.