Working dads know how challenging it is to juggle work and home life. Some days it feels like you barely have time to breathe, let alone accomplish all that you want in your personal and professional life.

When it comes to spending time with your children, it takes dedication, discipline and energy to make that happen. But like anything in life, if you want it badly enough you can carve out plenty of quality time.

This post explores how working dads who spend the majority of their day toiling at work to support their families can still remain an active, present and involved presence in the lives of their children.

1. You've Got to Have the Will to Do It

Even though things are probably extremely hectic in your home in the morning as you're dashing off to work and your children are trying not to be late for school, you can find a few moments of peace and connection. Try getting up a few minutes earlier to make a delicious and healthy breakfast for everyone and encourage the entire family to sit at the table together for at least 15 minutes to eat, talk and enjoy each other's company. Sure, it's not a lot of time but it's not about quantity. It's about quality. It's also about making sure that as your kids go through the day they can think back to a happy family moment that kicked off their day.

2. Take Advantage of Down Time

If you drive your children to school, try to engage them in conversation rather than letting them drift off into their smartphone or tablet. Question them. Ask them about what's on tap in school that day or what's coming up in their activities that night. Or try to play a word game. They might resist but if you show interest and genuinely inquire about their interests, they will most likely engage you back.

3. Ask Your Kids to Help Out

There are probably a million things on your to-do list around the house. Accomplishing those tasks takes valuable time away from your family. Try to interest your kids in helping you out. This has multiple benefits. It will help you get your work done faster and will also give you a chance to teach them how to do some of the work it takes to keep a household running smoothly.

4. Let Your Kids Know That You're Thinking of Them

While you're at work, your mind might be consumed with the events of the day. People are probably depending on you to get things done and delegate responsibilities. In other words, you're busy. Twice a day try to remember to fire off a quick text to your kids asking them how their day is going or to inquire about a particular test or event they were worried about. If you show them that you're thinking about them, they will remember that and feel good about themselves in particular and their family as a whole.

5. If Possible, Always Try to Be Home for Dinner and Bedtime

These are critical times for the family to be together as a unit. Make sure that everyone takes the time to discuss the day's events and weigh in on family decisions. Also, remember to laugh. Ask your kids about the funniest or weirdest part of their day. They will love answering that, and will enjoy coming up with answers as the day goes by.

There are other things that you can do like surprising them at school or picking up a small but meaningful item for them. As working dads we have a lot of demands on our time and energy, both mental and physical. There are ways to have it all — a rewarding and successful career and a loving, involved relationship with our children. It takes a commitment - but it's the best commitment you can possibly make.