For over 20 years, countries around the world have been celebrating World Breastfeeding Week from August 1-7 as a way to protect, promote and support breastfeeding. Here in the United States, August is also National Breastfeeding Month, so breastfeeding support organizations ranging from La Leache League USA to the United States Breastfeeding Committee will be celebrating all month long.

Here are just a few of the events and campaigns that you can participate in throughout the month if you would like to celebrate breastfeeding too:

Live, Love Latch

La Leche League USA is celebrating with community-based Live, Love, Latch events for breastfeeding mothers, as well as their families and extended support network. Picnics, fundraisers, educational events and more are being planned across the country, with the goal of connecting nursing moms and celebrating the support people in their lives who help make breastfeeding possible.

In my hometown of St. Louis, for example, a whole two weeks of Live, Love, Latch events are planned, culminating in a full-day seminar where new and expecting moms can attend sessions on many different aspects of breastfeeding and parenting. To find a Live, Love Latch event in your area, click here.

Breastfeeding in Six Words: A Social Media Campaign

If you're active on social media, consider joining the Breastfeeding in Six Words campaign designed by The United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC). Participants are invited to post a "selfie" to Facebook and/or Twitter, in which they are holding a sign with their six-word story on what breastfeeding means to them.

Don't forget to use the #NBM14 and #SixWords if you decide to participate, and look for the opportunity to participate in Twitter chats throughout the month too. You can follow the USBC on Twitter @usbreastfeeding and also find them on Facebook.

The Big Latch-On

This event has gone through some changes recently, but you can still find locations around the globe. The goal is to get as many babies around the world all latched at the same time, in an attempt to break the previous year's record.

Empower Yourself with Knowledge

While it can be fun to attend community events, and empowering to get involved in breastfeeding advocacy, sometimes the best way a mother can celebrate World Breastfeeding Week is by simply breastfeeding her baby. If you're pregnant and planning to nurse or currently facing challenges, seek out the information and resources that can help you succeed and reach your personal breastfeeding goals.

Here are a few places to begin: