Easter candy is for more than just eating! 

Sometimes the Easter Bunny is just way too generous. He promised to cut back on the candy this year, but he still brought a bit too much, and then went over the top with candy-filled plastic eggs at the family Easter egg hunt. My children are becoming crazed with candy fever. I hate to throw it away, so I searched the web for fun ways to use it up.

1. Peep S’mores

I can’t believe this isn’t an Easter tradition! Yammie’s Noshery offers up this easy and amazing recipe which is a s’more, but with a PEEP!  This is perfection. This is so good. And since the bunny didn’t bring a bunch of peeps this year, I’m about ready to go get some discounted ones right now just so I can make a ton of these!

2. Brown Butter Easter Blondies

Candy-coated milk chocolate eggs are a favorite in our house. We actually have an entire extra bag because that bunny forgot we already had one bag. Oops. This recipe is perfect for using those candies up and it makes a great dessert to bring to an Easter celebration. Chez Catey Lou has shared this easy recipe and says the secret is browned butter. It’ll be hard to keep these blondies to yourself.

3. Jelly Bean Painting

Kids love jelly beans and they also love spray bottles. Combine the two and make some fun art. All you need is watercolor paper, jelly beans, a spray bottle, and these easy instructions from Housing a Forest. Your little ones will love it and they won’t be bouncing off the walls from a sugar high.

4. Science Experiment

This cool experiment from Modern Parents Messy Kids will allow your kids to enjoy candy in a whole new way. They’ll get to come up with their own hypothesis, and they’ll observe if their theories are right. See, candy is helpful for learning!

5. Chocolate Egg Pancakes

When there’s candy in the house, it can be difficult to get the kids to eat anything else. But these chocolate egg pancakes will, at least, help you get through breakfast. Latin Times offers this easy recipe that your kids will love.

What will you do with all that candy?