Sunday is coming. Are you prepared for next week? Sunday might be your family day or maybe your lazy day. Either way, it's not usually a day spent running around. But if you plan it right, Sunday can become your most productive day. It can become the day that makes the rest of your week go more smoothly than you could have ever imagined.


You might make your grocery list for the week, but do you plan meals? We're talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. Knowing what you need will help you budget, and be prepared. Get the kids in on it by having them choose what they would like for lunch or snack at school. Plan what you'll have for dinner each night so that you never have to wonder what frozen food you should take out of the freezer as you run out the door.

If you're feeling really productive, make some meals on Sunday to freeze so that you aren't rushing to put dinner on the table after picking up your children from soccer practice.


Grab that list, and get the shopping in too while you're at it. You've got your coupons and your Sunday flyers, so head on out to the grocery store. Have the kids help by sending them on a scavenger hunt for the food items on your grocery list. Getting that checked off your to-do list before the school week starts will be a big weight off your shoulders.

Schedule and Sync

Create a weekly schedule board for your house using a chalkboard or dry erase board. Make it large, and put it in a high-traffic area so that everyone in your family knows what's happening Monday to Friday. Add a calendar to your phone that synchronizes to your computer. Make sure your spouse has the same schedule in his or her phone. Everyone needs to be on the same page in order to avoid confusion and ensure everyone is where he or she is supposed to be at the right time. You'll also know which nights you'll need to pull out a freezer meal for dinner.


Knowing where you have to be at what time is one thing. Being ready to get there is another. Give each family member a cubby that includes all of their items for the week. On Sunday night, and each night after, ensure all items are there. In the morning, check the schedule and grab the items you all need to put in the car or bring to school. This could be a sports uniform for after school games, a musical instrument for lessons, or a library book that is due. Having everything in a designated spot will save time in the morning as you run out the door.


Starting the week off calmly will help you get through the week without stressing out. You have your plan in place, so spend Sunday evening relaxing, planning games, or watching a movie or a football game. Whatever you need to do to get yourself centered and focused is important to your mental and overall health.

Next, wake up Monday morning in a better mood than any of your friends or coworkers. You'll get the kids to school on time, yourself to work on time, and you'll be the parent that every other parent wants to be.