The History of Mother's Day — It started with a war and continued with a memoriam of appreciation. Thanks to the women who have gone before us, and a little help from President Woodrow Wilson, Americans celebrate all things mom as a national holiday every year.

Room Service How To — Heads Up, Kids! (And Dads!) If the Mom in your home would love some breakfast food served bedside, check out the YouTube video from, How To Make Breakfast In Bed For Your Mom. It has all the steps you need, including the excellent advice to not wake up your mom early, and reminders about safety when preparing food (kids will need some adult or older sibling supervision).

Creative and Delightful Gifts Your Mom Will Love — (Really!) Leave it to Ms. Stewart to come up with the best ideas. 82 of them to be precise. Create a Mother's Day Newspaper (personalized just for your mom), make her a Floral Journal, or create letter-writing accessories with Dip-Dyed Stationary and Cards. The gift ideas come with instructions, along with printable clip art and templates. All you do is add a little labor and a lot of love.

Celebrity Mamas — Katie Holmes, Holly Robinson Peete, Victoria Rowell: They are moms who probably have nannies and a full-time housekeeping staff, but they are moms nonetheless. Some of them have used their personal stories and celebrity status to bring attention to important issues like autism, and foster care, Beliefnet gives readers A Mother's Day Look at Inspiring Celebrity Moms.

Magazines for Moms — You need great reads! Publications that make you think, laugh, and give you creative ideas for your children and your family:

  • Family Fun Magazine fills their pages with educational and fun activities for children and families you will not find anywhere else. Look for family travel tips, learn how to create one-on-one time with your child, and get great ideas for educational and seasonal projects to work on as a family.
  • Working Mother magazine offers help and support for moms with information on the best companies to work for, organization tips for busy families, and tips for building a career while also raising a family.
  • Brain, Child is "The magazine for thinking mothers." With well-written, thought-provoking essays, creative book reviews, and a special feature in every issue, Brain, Child takes the market with the best writing for moms who appreciate reading about issues of motherhood from all different perspectives.