This morning, the kids were eating breakfast while I watched a Good Morning America segment about the devastation from last month's tornadoes that ravaged many southern states. "I wish we could help them," my son stated. "We can!" I replied, and immediately began talking about ways to assist the families affected by the storms. Now it's time to put my words into action.

Big corporations and international relief organizations aren't the only ones who can provide help to our neighbors in the South. Parents and kids can, too.

What Can We Do?

Donate Money From Allowances

If your child receives an allowance, encourage him or her to donate their own money. Explain what supplies $1, $5, or even $10 can buy for an entire family in need.

Purchase Specific Items

Hundreds of websites list supplies that tornado victims need the most. Items include: trash bags; shovels; first aid kits; diapers; personal hygiene items; non-perishable foods.

Raid the Pantry

Do you have leftover soup cans from this past winter that likely won't be used? Did the good coupon deals last week allow you to purchase 10 boxes of pasta? Why not donate some items from your stash?

Don't Forget the Animals

Four-legged friends have also been affected by the storms. Animal shelters in the affected regions desperately need supplies like cat and dog food, crates, food and water bowls and cat litter.

How Can We Do It?

Send Supplies or Monetary Donations on Your Own

The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Samaritan's Purse and The Humane Society of the United States are just some of the organizations accepting donations on behalf of storm victims.

Check Local Churches, Businesses and Relief Organization Affiliates

Many local businesses or churches in your area may be collecting items and monetary donations. Check relief organization local chapters to inquire if they are also collecting supplies.

Organize a School or Church Event

If you can't find a local fundraising effort, start your own! Talk to the school principal or your pastor about collecting items. It only takes one person to get the ball rolling.

Recovery efforts in the southern states are just beginning. Take the opportunity to teach your children random acts of kindness and help storm victims in the process.

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