Do you know what the most popular baby names were for the year 2011? does, and Editor-in-Chief Linda Murray spoke with us about some of them, and how parents are influenced by pop culture, celebrity, and even royalty when it comes to naming the newest members of their family.



Girls' names that made the top 10 included: Sophia, Emma, Ava, and Chloe. Boys' names included: Aiden, Jackson, Mason, and Noah.

This year, moms and dads admitted to being influenced by names of celebrities. Some were inspired by famous people who were particularly popular in 2011. While not on the top 10 list, the name "Anderson" made a big ascent (thanks to talk show host Anderson Cooper), while others were influenced by what famous people named their child (Mason is the name of Kourtney Kardashian's son). Other families preferred to stay away from names that had any association with the rich and famous — those moms and dads don't want their child's name on any top ten list.

Naming a child before he or she is born continues to be a growing trend. Murray says that parents want to try the name on and see how it works before the little one makes an appearance.

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What influenced your decision to give your child a specific name?