As a child, I think I was a "rock star" for Halloween three years in a row. Creativity may not have been my greatest attribute. But each year, life gives us plenty of fun ideas for Halloween costumes. While not all trendy costumes will be appropriate for families, there are plenty of great ideas that you can pull from in the current news, television shows, and movies. The options are endless, but there are definitely some standouts. 

Duck Dynasty

If you own camouflage clothing of any kind, this is an easy one. From full head to toe camo, or jeans, t-shirt and camo vest, your kids (or your entire family) can be the cast from one of the year's most popular shows, Duck Dynasty. All you need is a few beards to add to your outfit and you're good to go. Throw in an accent for extra fun.

Grumpy Cat

This cat has been splashed all over the internet this year. With a bit of makeup and the right clothing, your child can pull off a great and simple costume this year that you can totally do yourself. Grumpy Cat is the perfect costume to ignite a ton of laughter.


This is perfect for your entire family. Dress each of your children up as minions and don't spend money doing it. A yellow shirt, jean overalls, and this awesome hat will make each of your kids (and you too) the cutest things on the block.

The Royal Family

Everyone has a polka-dot dress or shirt in their closet right? Take yours out and turn your child (or yourself) into the Duchess of Cambridge. The only other items you made need are a brown wig and a baby doll — and perhaps your very own Prince William.

Wild Kratts

This widely popular PBS show features the brothers Kratt heading out into the wilderness with the ability to turn into the creatures of the wild. Your kids will love to dress up in their very own creature power suit for Halloween and it's easier to make than you think. But if you're not crafty, you can get one at

Monsters, Inc.

A big hit at the movies this year was Monsters University. My children can't get enough of these silly monsters. Whether you favor Mike Wazowski or Sully, these costumes work as an ensemble or on their own.

Current trends and news make for great and easy do-it-yourself Halloween costumes. They're more creative than the run-of-the-mill costumes you'll find in the store and your children will love dressing up, and partying, as their current favorite characters.