It's that time of year. If you're like me and you skipped out on the Black Friday festivities, you probably still have a bit of shopping to do. Buying gifts for children can be tricky. They know what they like (and don't like) and have no problem letting you know. AblePlay takes the guesswork out of finding great gifts by researching, reviewing and rating toys for special needs children. Their website will point you in the right direction, but here are some of their picks for best new toys just in time for this holiday season.

Fingerspelling Blocks

Fingerspelling Blocks help children learn the ABCs of sign language. 26 plastic ABC blocks feature a hand signing the corresponding letter. Your child can feel and see the hand shapes from all angles, making it easier for her to make them herself.

The Learning Tower

The Learning Tower lets your children participate in cooking dinner while keeping them safe. The Learning Tower is designed to get children to countertop height while protecting them from falls. Its sturdy, non-tip construction will leave you feeling secure too, as it meets all safety standards for home playground equipment. It can double as a puppet theater and is available in nine colors.

The Hop 'N Pop 03 Limited Edition

The Hop 'n Pop 03 Limited Edition gets kids jumping and interacting. We all love popping bubble wrap but who knew it was this therapeutic. The Hop 'n Pop activity play mat has a mesh cover that unzips so you can insert sheets of bubble wrap. Children hop on the mat and pop the bubble wrap, developing gross motor skills, social interaction, balance, and strategic thinking.

Buddy Dog

Buddy Dog is a visually stimulating, brightly-colored dog that will be your child's new best friend. He vibrates, squeaks and makes bell sounds to teach your child cause and effect, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more.

The Gather 'Round Restaurant Game

With the Gather 'Round Restaurant Game you will no longer be the family that has to leave the restaurant with your food uneaten and boxed up. There are 60 games to play while waiting, 36 games to play while eating, and 36 games for the car ride, leaving your kids happy and busy. It promotes creativity and imagination as well as memory, auditory processing and attention, and beginner's math.

The New Touch Game

The New Touch Game is a game of sensory perception that helps develop visualization skills, fine motor skills, language, and memory, while promoting literacy. Teachers and therapists have used it for working with children who have autism, aspergers, and occupational and physical impairments.

Glow Station on the Go

Glow Station on the Go by Crayola is a reusable write-on board with a light sensitive pad and penlight stylus. It is visually stimulating and helps develop finger and hand control, object permanence, fine motor skills, and creativity.

It's definitely not too late to get a great gift for the special needs child in your life. Help her develop her skills while having fun, and your gift will be the hit of the holidays.

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