Are you ready? I can't hear you. I SAID... Are you READY? Of course you are! Those three little words that do more for a parent's heart and soul than any "I love you" from sweet-tongued children or bare-chested Harlequin cover models could: "Back to school," how we love thee.

Getting back to school, that's another story. Because love as we do the season of structure, it can be tricky to get back in the groove. Luckily, we have everything we need to know at the speed of a click. We at Parenting Squad have rounded up the very best of the best back to school tips to help you get your year off to a great start.

Back to School Shopping

Budgeting Tips for Back to School — Jason Alderman at Huffington Post gives some great suggestions for stretching those back to school dollars. We especially like this bit of advice:

"Find out the financial commitment for extracurricular activities like athletics, music and art programs. Consider things like uniforms, membership dues, private lessons, field trips, snacks, etc."

Maximize Sale Savings — Of course you're hitting the sales; how can you avoid them? But are you shopping with a strategy? Peak Personal Finance provides tips for savvy back to school shopping.

Alternative Apparel Shopping — Unless you're buying big ticket electronics, clothes are probably your biggest back to school expense. Coupon Teacher teaches you the tricks of getting kids to look good for less.

Technology Shopping — While you may have clothes and school supplies under control, have you thought about back to school electronics? Because if your kids are older than ten, they are probably begging for the latest gadget. They don't necessarily need these electronics for school, but if they asking and you're buying, you may as well shop smart. The experts at Computer World can help.

High-Tech Discounts for Students — Once you study up on how to buy technology this year, hop over to Go Frugal Blog, where they have collected some amazing deals and discount codes on everything from Apple products to cell phones.

2010 Tax Free Holidays — Every parent can use the extra cash that would normally go to sales tax, but it's the single parents over at who put together this handy list of states that offer sales tax holidays. The handy links allow you to check out what qualifies for sales tax exemption, and when, in your state or one in driving distance.

Back to School Breakfasts & Lunches

20 Breakfast Ideas For Back-to-School Mornings - We love these easy inspirations from Parenting Squad writer Katrina Simeck. Kids are sure to find a few favorites on this fun list. A smoothie really could make your morning smoother!

School Lunch: Mix it Up — We love these tips from Diets in Review for breaking the boring sandwich routine. (Then again, if your kids will eat sandwiches, don't fix what isn't broken!)

Lunches for Every Age — This post from Kitchen Daily breaks lunch ideas into age groups. Because face it, your kindergartener isn't going to love a roasted vegetable salad, but your varsity volleyball player might. Warning: Some of the suggested recipes lean toward the gourmet, but the inspiration is unbeatable.

Back to School Routines

10 Ways to Make Your Mornings Less Manic - For those of you who are not morning people, our own Katrina Simeck offers excellent tips for getting out the door in one piece, on time, and with what passes for peace on school day mornings.

Green Up Your School Year — Many of us try to turn over a new leaf at back to school time. Make yours green this year with these tips from Mother Earth News. (Newsflash: Pack their lunches!)

Organize For Back to School — Spring may be the season of cleaning, but nothing gets us motivated to organize our lives into little boxes like back to school time. This post from Creative Organizing can help. The lunch supplies box idea is genius!

Back to School at a NEW School — Back to school can be stressful enough; back to a new school can send a kid into spontaneous combustion, or sullen retreat. You don't want either. Great School provides 10 useful tips for helping your child adjust to a new life at a brand new school.

Back to School Safety

Got Bullies? — Whether your child tends toward the bully or the bullied, Dr. O has great advice for preparing kids to go back to school and preparing parents to recognize the signs of bullying. It's important information for all children.

Stay Safe — We love this comprehensive yet brief tips list from the American Academy of Pediatrics. It includes information to keep kids safe from the ride to school to after school care, and everything in between.

Ready, Set...Back to School!

Preparing for the First Day of School — You've shopped, you've organized, you've come up with creative lunch ideas... Blissfully Domestic helps you pull it all together to create great routines for back to school.

Now, let me ask you again — are you ready? Yep, now you are.

Got tips? We'd love to know how you're getting ready for school this year. Please share in the comments!