So long as they're not blasted from every mall and restaurant speaker, these songs are almost guaranteed to put you in the mood. What can you tell about our collective psyche here at Parenting Squad from the selections? Hard to say… hard to say.

"Do They Know It's Christmas" — Band Aid

This is the ultimate feel good song for children of the eighties. Bob Geldof got the greatest pop stars of the day to [literally] lend their voices to this track that raised money for famine relief in Ethiopia.

"Christmas Wrapping" — The Waitresses

What is better than falling in love at Christmas time? (Okay, what is cornier, but still.) This bouncy tune by The (what-ever-happened-to-them?) Waitresses delivers smiles wrapped up with a bow.

"Little Drummer Boy" — Faith Hill

Ms. Hill does this classic justice, and adds a little country charm.

"Same Old Lang Syne" — Dan Fogelberg

You can't dance to it, or sing along, necessarily, but listening to this song is like having someone read you a bedtime story.

"Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" — John Lennon

Peace, love, and The Beatles. Well, sort of. This beautiful song epitomizes the spirit of the season, no matter your faith.

"The Hanukkah Song" — Adam Sandler

Sandler's modern classic isn't strictly kid-friendly ("... drink you gin-and-tonnukkah, and smoke your marijuanukkah...") but it's earned a place on our list anyway.

"Winter Wonderland" — Jason Mraz

Who can choose from all the recordings of this song? We can! Check out this groovy version from Jason Mraz.

"O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" — Enya

If this one doesn't move you, take a nap and try again. The melody and Enya's voice are haunting.

"Last Christmas" — Wham!

Pure comic value. Or maybe sentimental, if you're a child of the eighties. Either way, it had to make the cut!

"We Are the World" — USA for Africa

Okay, okay, so it's not really a holiday song. But like the BandAid song above, this philanthropic effort IS the spirit of the season.

"Christmas All Over Again" — Tom Petty

Nobody rocks like Petty. When you're tired of working to get on the Good list, break out the rockin' Christmas songs, starting with this one.

"Very Merry Christmas" — Dave Barnes

A relative newcomer to Christmas genre, Barnes proves he can hold his own.

"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" — Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlin

This holiday staple is way cool-i-fied by the BNL and McLachlin. You're in for a treat.

"Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)" — Trans Siberian Orchestra

Pure. Holiday. Drama. (The good kind, not that nonsense at the table with your extended family.)

"The Christmas Song" — Nat King Cole

Aw… Were times really simple then? No, they weren't, but we can dream, anyway.

"O Holy Night" — Josh Groban

Groban could sing the phone book and make it sound holy. This song is much prettier than that. Enjoy

"Blue Christmas" — Elvis

Poor baby. Still, don't you want to shake your hips when you listen to this? Just a little?

"Please Come Home for Christmas" — The Eagles

The down home sound the Eagles bring to this version fits it perfectly.

"What Are You Doing New Year's?" — Diana Krall

Krall is simply one cool chick. Better have someone to call Baby when you listen to this one.

"Silent Night" — Bing Crosby

Another classic, classically presently.

"Mary, Did You Know" — Kenny Rogers & Wynona Judd

This one tells the Christmas story so well, with heart.

"Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" — Bruce Springsteen

Rock it, Mr. Springsteen. Naughty or nice, this one will get you moving.

"A New York Christmas" — Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas is cool. That is all.

We hope you've enjoyed our sample. What are your favorite holiday songs? Convince us why they should make the list and we may have to add them!