Got a New Year's move on your calendar? The last thing you need before a move is to load up on bulky toys at the holidays. Try these options to make packing light and easy this time.

1. Give Experiences - Forego the Barbie dream house and take your daughter to the traveling production on Annie instead. Package the tickets with a video or book and a small scrapbook that you can fill later with memories of the day.

2. Handheld Video Games - While not generally on my list of favorite child pastimes, handheld video games will save your life when you've got a thousand and one errands to run or several hours in the car to your new location. They're small and cheaper than a nanny. Just don't forget the charger.

3. Take a Trip - Wherever you are in the moving process, the holidays may be a wonderful excuse to get away from it all. Use your gift giving budget to change up the scenery. Again, the scrapbook is key to give kids something to hold on to.

4. Practice Random Kindness - Consider spending your time, money, and energy this year taking your kids shopping for families less fortunate than your own. It's a radical step, but they'll learn an amazing lesson it'll save you a trip to the Goodwill when this year's must-have item turns into next year's 'so last year' toy.

5. Think Small - If the thought of downsizing in the least makes you feel like you're cheating the kids out of Christmas, just focus on small, easily portable and packable items. Think electronics, media, and gift cards that can be used once you get to the new home.

Moving is a family affair and you'll be surprised how understanding kids can be when you show them the respect of explaining thing to them. More than likely they'll be happy to make a small sacrifice when they know the reason behind it.