With all the sugar and additives in the commercially prepared foods of today, it's no wonder so many parents are interested in making homemade food for their babies and toddlers. Looking for recipes and resources that will enable you to prepare fresh, healthy meals for baby as she grows? Look no further than these 10 super baby food resources.

1. Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron

While I don't agree with everything that Yaron recommends, you can't deny that Super Baby Food is a wealth of information for parents who take nutrition seriously. She offers step-by-step instructions for preparing a variety of whole grain cereals, and also provides tons of healthy recipes — unique ones that you aren't likely to find elsewhere — for babies of all ages and stages.

2. Sugar-Free Toddlers by Susan Watson

Sugar isn't good for any of us, but many parents particularly try to avoid feeding it to their infants and toddlers. The recipes in Sugar-Free Toddlers won't work for babies just starting solids, but are perfect for older babies who can enjoy a wider variety of meals.

3. Whole Foods For Babies and Toddlers by Margaret Kenda

My kids are bigger now, but this was one of my go-to resources when they were still breastfeeding and just starting solids. Published by La Leche League International, Whole Foods For Babies and Toddlers offers simple, whole food recipes, as well as information about how to introduce solid foods while still protecting your breastfeeding relationship.

4. Weelicious.com

Prefer a blog over a book? At Weelicious.com, you can peruse hundreds of baby food recipes (complete with gorgeous photos), and even watch videos on baby food preparation. As an added bonus, the site also has healthy and appealing recipes for toddlers, school lunches, and family meals.

5. Momtastic's WholesomeBabyFood.com

This website is all about baby food; from recipes to FAQs to freezing charts and cooking methods, you'll find everything you need to know and then some. (The section on First Birthday Cake recipes is my favorite.)

6. BabyLedWeaning.com

Even if you prefer to skip the purees and go straight for baby-led weaning, you will still need recipes. Both BabyLedWeaning.com and the book Baby-led Weaning by Gil Rapley and Teresa Murkett are excellent resources if you're interested in this approach.

7. Top 100 Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel

Not in to baby-led weaning? Then you probably want to invest in a book like Top 100 Baby Purees. You'll learn to create lots of tasty combinations with a variety of flavors and spices, though be aware that some of the suggestions do not follow the AAP guidelines on when to introduce some highly allergenic foods.

8. Baby and Toddler on the Go Cookbook: Fresh, Homemade Foods to Take Out and About by Kim Laidlaw

The simple to prepare and easy to transport recipes in the Baby and Toddler on the Go Cookbook are perfect for busy parents who want to give their babies the best. The book receives stellar reviews and is filled with recipes for interesting and baby-friendly dips and purees, as well as toddler-friendly pinwheels, "sammies," and "minis" like Turkey Meatloaf Bites and Veggie-Spice Mini Muffins.

9. NurtureBaby.com

The nutritious and appealing recipes at NurtureBaby.com are divided into several categories, both by age and types of food (One Pot Wonders, Veggies, Allergy Free Recipes, etc.) The site is simple to navigate, and clearly run by folks who genuinely care about helping parents prepare healthy meals. That's not always easy to come by these days.

10. The Big Book of Recipes for Babies, Toddlers and Children: 365 Quick, Easy and Healthy Dishes by Bridget Wardley and Judy More

Described on Amazon as an "indispensable kitchen companion," The Big Book of Recipes for Babies Toddlers and Children: 365 Quick, Easy and Healthy Dishes is a resource you don't want to miss. It includes 50 "first food" recipes, as well as snack ideas, meal planners, and tips to help promote healthy eating habits at every age.

What's your favorite resource for baby food recipes? Share it in the comments!