Winter's the season to "hunker down," find a warm blanket, and tell your friends you'll see them in the spring. But if a friend or family member is welcoming a new baby in the next few months, you might find yourself planning a baby shower during these cabin-fever days. Why not bring the winter theme into the shower plans?


Ditch the traditional pink, blue, and yellow colors and go for warmth. Red, orange, and yellow colors are considered warm shades. Another option is embracing the season's coolness with purple, blue, silver, and white hues. Look for metallic-shaded streamers and wall decorations. Test your snowflake-making abilities and cut out snowflakes to hang from or tape to the walls.

Flowers brighten everyone's day. Put together snowy white bouquets with white roses, orchids or amaryllis. Incorporate greens and holly berries. Use clear glass vases for an ice effect. Light some candles, even if the shower's held during the day. Go for scent (snag some holiday scented candles now, likely reduced in price) or presentation (snow ball candles).


When you think of wintry days, you think comfort foods. Soups, casseroles, grilled cheese sandwiches — give your comfort food some grown-up pizazz. Tomato basil soup paired with grilled Gruyere cheese on French bread warms the stomach with an air of sophistication.

For dessert, forgo the traditional blue or pink icing balloons for a winter solstice theme that includes a white or ivory cake with crisp decorative colors. In lieu of a regular cake, go for the trendy cupcakes that are easily decorated with snowmen or snowflakes. In addition to coffee and tea, serve hot chocolate — and don't forget the whipped cream!

Visit any party supply store for plates, napkins and utensils that complement the winter theme.


Traditional baby shower games work during any season of the year. Here are two snowy alternatives.

Put those snowflake decorations to work. Have guests write messages to the mommy-to-be on the snowflakes. Decorate the room with the inspirational snowflakes. They'll make great conversation pieces for everyone that day and keepsakes for the mom forever after.

Have everyone bring baby hats and mittens. Provide materials to have a clothes decorating party (baby shower meets "Project Runway"). Hang the mittens and hats on a clothesline for more festive wintery decorations and give to mom as a gift at the end of the day.


If you purchase candles for decorations, buy additional ones to send home with the guests. In keeping with the warmth theme, give personalized hot chocolate favors. Buy a container of bulk hot chocolate mix. Scoop some into a party favor bag (one packet of hot chocolate mix equals ¼ cup). Include some marshmallows and tie the favor bag with a festive bow.

Flowers brighten any winter day and get you thinking about spring. Give your guests a bouquet of bright flowers. For a floral favor that keeps on giving, give everyone bulbs to plant in the spring. Irises, Dahlias, and Begonias are example. The plants flower in the summer and provide a colorful reminder of the baby shower celebration year after year.