Before I had my little boy, I heard stories about horrible diaper changes where poop and pee attacked parents. It seems that the worst offenders are the little boys because they tend to spray their pee everywhere. Now that I have been peed on multiple times by my little guy, here are some tips for new parents of boys for avoiding these mishaps.

First of all, our little boy seems to time his pees after his poops. At first we changed him as soon as we heard a loud poopy noise escape from him, and every time we did that he would let out more waste. Now we wait a few minutes after we hear the first strike, and it is usually safe to change him after he empties his little belly.

Another thing we tried is the Peepee Teepee (affiliate link). This was a gift from my sister in law. Essentially it is a tiny cloth teepee that you can put on the baby's weewee to prevent any sprinkling. My husband had some success with it, but the teepee is a bit small so it does not absorb the large volumes of pee our baby lets out. It usually still ends up on his clothes, but at least it does not spray everywhere. A paper towel or small washcloth could also work.

Now I also try to change his diaper as quickly as possible, and put the diaper over his penis as soon as I spot any dew droplets. This has worked fairly well lately, but it takes practice. When we first started changing diapers it took forever to get it on, and the longer we took the more danger we were in.

A final tip from my husband is to point the little guy's penis straight down when you put the diaper on. In the beginning we did not know to do this and his pee shot out of the diaper through the sides and he ended up sleeping in a puddle of pee that my husband mistook for sweat.& He was quite worried about it because it seemed abnormal for a baby to sweat a puddle that large.

After being peed on so many times, it does not seem so bad anymore. My baby's pee is pretty much clear and does not smell bad. One time he shot it so far that some drops got into his mouth. My husband was quite nonchalant about the incident and told me to just to help the baby wash the pee down with some milk. Basically, we do not find baby pee that gross anymore, but we still cannot wait until this little guy is potty trained.

Any seasoned parents with more tips on staying clean while diaper changing?