Still don't have plans for New Year's Eve? Resigning to just stay home in your PJs and not even attempt to stay up until the clock strikes twelve? You can bet that a lot of your parent friends are planning the same exact cozy night in. So stop what you're doing and start planning a last-minute New Year's Eve party for you and your kids-in-tow friends.

1. Make a Plan

It doesn't have to be elaborate. You can even make it a PJ party if you want to - or put on your prettiest outfits. Just figure out what time you want people to come over and whether or not you want a theme. Check the freezer for some foods you can pop in the oven tomorrow — pizzas, chicken tenders, pigs in a blanket. And then make a list of any other items that kids would love to eat at a party. The other parents won't be picky because they aren't the ones cooking! Now decide exactly whom you are inviting. 1 family, 2 families — whichever ones you have the most fun with when you aren't doing anything at all.

2. Send out Evites

Head over to and email a cute New Year's Eve party invite to those on your list with an RSVP time of immediately.

3. Head to the Store

You know, one of those dollar stores. But first, check your junk drawer for any leftover birthday party décor. Get a few decorations. Get a few party hats. Get paper plates. Then head to that other store to grab some cheap champagne and some sparkling apple juice, plus any snacks you think you might need.

4. Get the House Ready

You have the rest of the day to get the house ready for the party. Check for RSVPs and send a quick text to anyone who hasn't responded. Clean, decorate, cook the food, and pick a channel on Pandora.

You're good to go. Happy New Year!