According to Roman Catholics, Limbo is a bad thing.  It is the edge of hell.  Sort of like waiting to find out if you’re moving.  Or where. 


Then there’s the dance.  The Limbo is a lovely little dance you may remember from grade school P.E. - or spring break.  Although the idea of sliding under that pole may sound hellish to you, limbo derives from the word limber - as in flexible.  And that’s exactly what you need to be to survive today’s uberly mobile corporate culture.


Loving Relocation Limbo


You’re moving somewhere, someday – maybe today!  Or maybe in a year, or three.  All you know for sure is that one day the moving van will pull up in front of your house.  Many people live in this state of limbo much of the time.  I’m one of them.  But I accepted this life, so I’m making the most of it.  While the waiting can be excruciating, it can also be one of the most liberating experiences of your life.


Not knowing where you’ll be living in two years can be exciting if you let it.  Learning to let go of certain expectations and accepting whatever opportunities come up is a valuable skill.  Even our most stable and established neighbors don’t really know what’s coming around the bend.  They just think they do.


Do’s and Don’ts for the Relo Limbo


DO continue to move forward with your life.  Pursue new interests, make friends, plant bulbs. 


DON’T put your life on hold just because your location may change soon. 


DO cultivate friendship wherever you are.  You’ll need the support of good neighbors and pals.  Just because you may not be around long doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out now.


DON’T feel compelled to tell everybody that you’re a short timer.  While you may be enlightened about relo-limbo, others aren’t.  Why risk being left out of things today just because you’re moving next year?


DO practice active organization.  Much of the stress associated with moving surrounds our stuff.  Packing it up and moving it around is very disturbing for many of us.  The better organized your current home is – especially the kids’ rooms, the quicker you’ll be making a new one in your new location.  (FlyLady is a huge help with this.)


DON’T put off big things like buying that new TV or taking the cross-country RV trip until you know for sure about your impending relocation.  These things have a tendency to change – a lot!  Short of putting in new floors or a pool, go for it. 


DO evaluate your values.  Limbo gives you a wonderful opportunity to focus on what really matters in your life.  Maybe it turns out that you don’t want to live like this anymore.  Or maybe all this change makes you realize you don’t really need that certain job/car/neighborhood to feel good.  Face your truth and act on it.


DON’T let limbo define you.  You are on a journey that just happens to wind through limboland.  Relocation uncertainty itself is not your journey.  Stay on your path and deal with detours gracefully.