Bullying among children and teens is nothing new, but advancing technology has allowed it to reach new heights. Home has lost its safe haven status as bullies are able to attack their victims through cell phones and computers. According to iSafe America, Inc., 58% of children report having hurtful things said to them via the internet, and 42% say they have been bullied while online.

Kids are sending malicious messages, posting messages while pretending to be other people, forwarding private messages, and even setting up web sites specifically designed to harass a peer. Rather than waiting for your child to become a victim, download an application that can help you stop the bullying the second it starts.

Bully Block

Bully Block is a cyber bullying app available for Android phones from Android Market and the Amazon App Store. Created by Spy Parent, Bully Block blocks and catches all texts, calls, and pictures that contain certain inappropriate language, and then uses an instant reporting feature that allows the victim to email or text the bully's words to parents, teachers, or the police. In addition, Bully Block has a secret recording option that can tape any harassment from bullies in everyday life.

Cell Safety

Cell Safety is an app designed for smartphones by Web Safety. It alerts parents whenever their child receives inappropriate messages. It scans texts looking for 4,000 different problematic words that "indicate a child is in harm's way." It also provides GPS tracking and prohibits teens from texting while driving.

GoGoStat Parental Guidance

GoGoStat Parental Guidance is an app that lets parents screen their child's internet activity. You can view Facebook posts from your child that include certain words and acronyms, and that reference drugs. The program will notify you when your child posts photos and profile details, and when she adds a new friend. It even features a panic button that will automatically send a report to law enforcement.

Technology moves at a rapid pace. Don't let your child become a victim.

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