Unless you’ve been on Jupiter for the last few months, you’ll know the story of Nadya Suleman. Already a mother of six children, Nadya gave birth to octuplets in late January, a result of some very questionable in vitro fertilization practices. And the whole thing is winding me up.

Nadya is now gracing our TV screens and magazines with more regularity than Britney, Brangelina and Paris Hilton combined. Her appearances on Dr. Phil (my wife’s an avid fan) and celebrity “news” shows keep her firmly in the spotlight. And yet, despite the media circus, most of us can only think of one thing as she is interviews over and over again…what about the children?

The main facts of the story still make me angry. Now, I’m not one against having a football team full of children if you can support them, raise them well and give them a great future. The Duggars are proof that you can do it successfully. But the Duggars are self-reliant, wealthy and have a solid, established and tight family unit.

However, Nadya’s situation is the polar opposite. Here are some of the salient points (most are facts, but some seem to be in question) pulled from her profile at Mahalo.com:

•    Age: 33 years old in 2009
•    Divorced Marcos Gutierrez in January 2008
•    All of Suleman's children were conceived via in vitro fertilization
•    All the children have the same biological father1
•    Mother of six before giving birth to octuplets on January 26, 2009
•    Lives in her parents house in Whittier, California4
•    One of Suleman's children is autistic8
•    Nadya's father is originally from Iraq11
•    The family lives in a 1500-square-foot home
•    Grandmother Angela Suleman filed for bankruptcy and had to abandon their home about a year-and-a-half before the octuplets were born
•    Reportedly launched a website in order to collect donations for her growing family.
•    Was in talks to develop a reality show with TLC, but was turned down
•    Reportedly $23,225 behind on her mortgage payments, which may lead to a public auction on May 5.
•    In March 2009, an audio-tape of a frantic 911 call Suleman made in October 2008 was released. In Suleman's 911 call, she feared that her five-year-old son J.J. was missing. Suleman can be heard repeatedly asking "where's my son?" and then starts repeating, "I'm going to kill myself." At the end of the call, the little boy returns from a walk he had been on with his grandmother.
•    According to TMZ.com, Vivid Entertainment has offered Suleman $1 million to star in a porn video. They also reportedly stated that they would provide her family with full medical and dental insurance if she would sign a contract with them to do multiple videos.

The fact that this woman already had six children, more than enough for most struggling families in the economy, should have been a red flag for her in vitro fertilization doctor. Around 20% to 40% of IVF procedures result in multiple pregnancies. That mean a big chance of Nadya having another two to three children from the IVF treatment. Of course, the doctor Nadya used seems to be someone more interested in his bottom line than her specific situation.

But now, with another eight children to care for, and a poor financial situation that is getting rapidly worse with so much new responsibility, I have to wonder how an earth this was allowed to happen?

We live in a country where most of us have to apply for a license to own a dog, and yet Nadya was allowed to have another eight children. And all this on the tax payer’s dime, because Nadya can’t afford any of it. This is irresponsibility at the highest level. And if Nadya is as mentally troubled as some would have us believe, then where does the blame fall if not at her feet? Society? Government? Her doctor? Her family?

I know people who aren’t lucky enough to be able to have children of their own. I also know people who are struggling to pay their bills and keep their children in college. Nadya seems to one of those people who doesn’t believe the normal rules of life apply to her. She has even talked about having a reality show based on her hectic life with 14 children (TLC for one, as mentioned above). And with our collective fascination for delving into the private lives of other people, it won’t be too long before someone takes her up on that offer; they know it will be ratings gold. 

Sure, that will help with her financial situation. But when a fame-obsessed woman with an Angelina Jolie fixation gets to have a TV show and a large bank account because of the poor choices she made in life, well, that just makes me lose a little more faith in society.

Nadya, if you’re reading, I have to wonder what on earth you were thinking, and how you could be so selfish with the lives of these children. Your life is your life, but you now have 14 other lives to care for, and right now, that burden is falling on the rest of America in the form of taxes, social work, grants, charitable donations and so on. What makes you so special? What gives you the right?

However, I’d like to end by wishing Nadya Suleman’s 14 children all the luck and love in the world. As a father of two young girls, I know how important it is to raise children in a caring and secure environment. And I hope your lives are filled with love and laughter.