Summer is in full swing and your kids have likely forgotten that school even exists. But while they are busy with summer activities and fun, they still need to keep their minds nourished. The best way to do that is by making it so they don’t even realize they’re learning. The easiest and most entertaining way we’ve found to do this: activity books.

Totally Amazing Mazes

This maze book from Paragon Books features 100 fun mazes to keep your kids on their toes. Each maze is so different from the last and involve clue and puzzles to help kids solve it. Your child can even use a maze to escape zombies! The pictures are bright and colorful. My six-year-old loves it.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book

If your kids love the Don’t Let the Penguin series, they will adore this activity book. Filled with ways to color and draw, there are also pages that tear out and become awesome places like an airport, or fun games like a coin toss.

The LEGO Ideas Book

Okay, so this isn’t exactly an activity book, but it’s pretty cool. This book helps your child take all of those LEGOs sitting around getting stepped on and turns them into something other than the project they came with. It will even serve as inspiration to help your child create their own designs.

Brain Quest

The Brain Quest series is one of the most popular group of activity books. They help kids as young as pre-k to further cement the knowledge they gained at school. Math, reading, and more are all covered in these books and will keep kids busy for hours.

Scribbles: A Really Giant Drawing and Coloring Book

This is not your average coloring book and is great for kids who are reading so they can follow instructions without asking for help. One of the most popular sections of the book includes three of the exact same drawing of an animal. On one page it reads, “This is a tiger.” On the next it says, “This is a panther.” And on the third page it says, “This is a leopard.” Your child then gets to make the animals look as they do in life and change the picture entirely.


Kumon Publishing makes a large selection of activity books and workbooks that your kids will love. There are books to develop thinking skills like logic and creativity as well as books for tracing, numbers, and letters. There’s even mazes, word problems, geometry, and fractions.

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Junior

Teaching children about money is such an important but difficult task for parents. Whether your children are learning to count money, earn money, or save money, this workbook can help learn how to do it effectively and successfully.

Workbooks and Activity books are a great way to keep your kids’ minds active through the lazy days of summer.