Nothing jazzes people up about setting goals more than a new year! And nothing makes people feel worse than in mid-February when they can't even find the piece of paper they wrote those resolutions on. Sure, we all want to be healthier, wiser, more efficient people; and it's safe to say we all strive to be better parents.

Don't beat yourself up! You're already doing a bang-up job in the parent department. But just in case you resolved to try some new tricks/theories/methods for raising children this year, I've created a list to set you up for success. I can't say they have been scientifically tested, but they are parent approved.

Here are some simple resolutions to help parents be amazing and have a few laughs along the way.

  • I will see the nights my children do not shower as me contributing to the environment and conserving water.
  • As another means of conservation I will cut back on laundry and provide more deodorant.
  • Since I have been so conservative in other areas, I will not feel guilty about throwing away poopy undies.
  • I promise to stop eating all the leftovers on my child's plate. Unless, of course it is mac-n-cheese. (I am only human!)
  • I will stop throwing temper tantrums not get so upset when my kids throw temper tantrums.
  • I promise to carve out more me time… and by that I mean, sleep.
  • I will stop using the logic that "my kids seem really thirsty and chocolate milk has calcium" as an excuse to drive through Starbucks.
  • Upon stepping on a Lego, I will not scream and throw it across the room. I will simply throw it in the trash. And probably still scream.
  • I will find something to do with the 400+ pictures on my phone.
  • I promise to keep reminding myself that "I am only human!" (see: eating leftovers)

Let 2015 be the year that you conquer that list and come out as a victor of awesome parenting. Here's to you — being an incredible parent and also, human!