While it's important to keep a close eye on your infant at all times, there will come times where you won't be in the same room as your child, whether it's because you're sleeping in your bedroom, making meals in the kitchen, or working elsewhere in your home. In those situations, a baby monitor can help you maintain a close watch on your child no matter where you are in your household. It's especially handy for alerting you to when the baby wakes up or is in need of your assistance. Parenting Squad is here to help you find the best baby monitor for your home and needs with our top 5 list.

What Is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is an electronic radio system that's used to remotely listen to sounds and noises made by young infants in order to maintain supervision of the child. Baby monitors generally consist of two parts: a transmitter unit that stays nearby the infant and a receiver unit that stays nearby the infant's caretaker. Any sounds that are picked up by the transmitter unit's microphone are then sent to the receiver unit via radio waves and can be heard through the receiver unit's speaker.

While audio monitors are the most commonly found option, baby monitors with video and motion sensing capabilities are also available. Video monitors incorporate a video camera into the transmitter unit to observe the infant, and the image can then be watched either on a connected TV unit or on a provided LCD screen on the receiver unit. Movement monitors provide supervision via movement-sensitive sensor pads placed under the infant's mattress and triggers an alarm when no movement is detected from the infant after a period of time.

Best 5 Baby Monitors

Philips Avent SCD560 DECT

The Philips Avent SCD560 DECT is a feature-packed audio baby monitor that has been praised for its reliable performance and very impressive features. Thanks to its built-in DECT technology, users have been most impressed by the Avent's guaranteed interference-free performance, which didn't break even when placed near phones and routers. The Avent automatically finds a clear channel out of its 120 available channels, thus allowing it to maintain a consistently clear sound quality that goes up to a range of 1500 feet. If that wasn't enough, the Avent also provides a plethora of useful features, including sound sensitivity adjustments, a talk back function, a temperature sensor, and sound-level lights that allow you to monitor sound even when the unit is muted. The Avent can also provide lullaby music and a night light to help lull your child to sleep.

Currently $119.99 on Amazon

Graco Secure Coverage Digital Monitor

The Graco Secure Coverage Digital Monitor is another excellent choice for an audio baby monitor that has been lauded for providing a secure, interference-free connection along with some nice, convenient features. This baby monitor operates on the 900 MHz frequency to ensure that none of your other electronics interferes with its connection and that no outsider can intercept your connection as well. Many users also commend the Secure Coverage Digital Monitor for being able to sustain clear, static-free sound performance for up to 2000 feet in range. Some other handy features include a belt clip on the receiver unit that lets you carry it around with you and a special built-in vibration feature that has the receiver unit vibrate when the baby makes noise.

Currently $35.89 on Amazon

Summer Infant BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor

If being able to see your baby is important to you, then you should definitely consider the Summer Infant BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor, which has impressed many users with its simple operation and intuitive functionality and comes highly recommended by the folks at Consumer Search. Along with a wireless camera unit, the BabyTouch comes with a 3.5-inch color video display with a easy-to-use touchscreen interface that you can use to remotely pan, zoom, and tilt the camera. Users say that the display offers great images in both the daytime and at night, and the sound quality is nice as well. When it comes to the camera, users enjoy its quiet movement and its provided talkback features, which lets you speak to the baby from another room. You can also connect up to an additional three cameras to the display for the most comprehensive coverage of your infant.

Currently $191.54 on Amazon

Infant Optics DXR-5

As an Amazon best-seller with a 4-star average rating from over 2,000 reviews, the Infant Optics DXR-5 offers another compelling choice for a video baby monitor. Don't let its simple, lightweight design fool you, as the DXR-5 is loaded with an assortment of quality features. It's 2.4-inch TFT color display also comes with infrared night vision technology, allowing you to see up to 15 feet in complete darkness. Both the video and sound quality from the display unit are impeccably crisp and clear with an 800-foot range, thanks to its 2.4 GHz secure connection. The DXR-5 also automatically turns off the audio if no noticeable sounds are heard so that you don't have to listen to any white noise, and the monitor can automatically reactivate from standby mode if any sound is detected. You can also easily connect a total of 4 cameras to a single display.

Currently $96.35 on Amazon

Angelcare AC401 Deluxe Movement and Sound Monitor

If you want a more precise monitoring of your infant, then the Angelcare AC401 Deluxe Movement and Sound Monitor is a terrific choice for a movement monitor that can give your desired peace of mind. While it's motion-detecting sensor pad does a fine job at keeping track of your baby's movements, users say that the AC401 provides extra value by offering an excellent performance as a sound monitor as well that can be used long after the sensor pad is no longer needed. Many tests have shown that this monitor can maintain great interference-free sound quality for up to an astounding 3,400 feet when used outdoors, which is the best range in its class. The AC401 also provides a convenient temperature monitor as well as a variety of alert options, including sound, vibration and signal-level lights.

Currently $130.00 on Amazon