As many parents may know, baby bottles are an essential part of anyone's baby caretaking arsenal. Not only can they keep your baby well-fed and calm when breastfeeding isn't available, they play a key role in helping babies start the transition from drinking from their mother's breasts to drinking from cups during their first year. With the many varieties of different baby bottles available, looking for the best one for your child can be a more difficult task than you may imagine. Fortunately, we here at Parenting Squad are here to help you out with our list of the five best baby bottles.

What Is a Baby Bottle?

A baby bottle is a specialized drinking container equipped with a nipple-shaped top that's designed to allow young children to consume liquids such as infant formula or breast milk when the mother does not breastfeed. While plastic baby bottles are the most popular kind, there are many other choices of baby bottles available that are made from different materials, including glass and stainless steel. Baby bottles also come in a wide variety of sizes and may possess a special aesthetic feature that may further assist babies in drinking from the bottle. Overall, the best baby bottles are easy to use, simple to clean and assemble, and come with a well-designed nipple that your baby likes.

Best 5 Baby Bottles

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature baby bottle is a Consumer Search top pick that have received widespread approval from both parents and babies alike for its simple yet effective design. Parents love how easy it is to clean and put together the baby bottle's three parts, and they also appreciate their polypropylene composition which not only makes them sturdy and lightweight but also heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe. Thanks to a wide nipple and a wide neck, this bottle can feel like the mother's breast to the baby, allowing them to easily adapt to the bottle for drinking. It also comes with a traveling cap that's perfect for on-the-go use along with a special valve that lets air flow more efficiently through the bottle to reduce the buildup of gas and colic while the baby is drinking.

Currently $15.99 for a 3-pack of 9 oz. bottles on Amazon

Comotomo Natural Feel

The Comotomo Natural Feel baby bottle offers an excellent choice for parents looking for a baby bottle that can closely emulate the breastfeeding experience for their breastfed child for an easier transition to bottle drinking. This Consumer Search top pick is optimally designed with a breast-like shape that's comfortable to hold for both babies and parents, and the bottle can be squeezed to mimic the mother's let-down effect. In addition, it comes with a long, flexible nipple top with anti-colic vents that make it easier for the baby to latch onto the bottle as well as effectively preventing leakage and gas buildup. Cleaning the bottle couldn't be simpler, since it's made of a durable medical-grade silicone that is incredibly heat-resistant. It can be washed in a dishwasher or boiled for thorough sterilization, and its wide neck lets you easily clean it by hand too.

Currently $13.99 for a 8 oz. bottle on Amazon

Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Nurser

With a 4½-star Amazon rating from over 200 customer reviews, the Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Nurser baby bottle provide an innovative take on baby bottle design that many parents and babies have grown to love. This Playtex bottle comes with a unique, BPA-free drop-in liner system which holds liquids in disposable liners that collapse as the baby drinks. By doing so, it helps keep air bubbles from entering and mixing with liquid and thus reduces the buildup of colic and gas in the baby. Users say that the liners are also easy to switch out and makes cleaning simple, which makes them great for traveling use. Also included with the bottle are two different nipple tops, with one made of latex and one made from silicone. Both nipples are wide and soft to encourage latch-on drinking from the baby.

Currently $26.00 on Amazon

Lifefactory Glass Bottle

The Lifefactory Glass Bottle is another Consumer Search top pick that presents a terrific option for parents looking for an alternative to plastic baby bottles. Made from borosilicate glass, this sturdy bottle is shock-resistant and can endure extreme temperatures without breaking. Additionally, the bottle comes with a medical-grade silicone sleeve that not only protects the bottle from drops and impacts but also provides a nice gripping surface for the baby for a more comfortable drinking experience. Both the easy-to-clean bottle and the silicone can be boiled or placed in a dishwasher, and many parents praise the ease of assembling the bottle's four parts. The bottle can also be transformed into a toddler sippy cup or a snack container when the baby grows older with the use of specialized caps.

Currently $14.36 for a 9 oz. bottle on Amazon

Pura Kiki Infant Bottle

The Pura Kiki Infant Bottle delivers another great choice for plastic-wary parents which has received a top recommendation from Consumer Search along with plenty of praise for its remarkable durability and versatility. The Pura Kiki Infant Bottle is most renowned by users for its antibacterial stainless-steel construction that is 100% plastic-free, which allows it to be practically indestructible and free of petroleum-derived toxins that may endanger to your child. The steel itself is even covered by a lifetime warranty to ensure its long-term durability. This dishwasher-safe bottle is also easy to clean and even easier to put together, and it comes with specialized silicone nipple with an anti-colic vent as well as a convenient silicone traveling cap. It's also compatible with a number of different spouts and nipples so that you cater the bottle to your baby's needs.

Currently $15.99 on Amazon