Ask a child what Easter means and they'll probably say something about Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, or jelly beans.

Of course, there is much more to it. But defining Easter can be challenging — especially for younger kids — because it revolves around heady themes like life, death, resurrection, and salvation. It can be tough for adults to grasp themes like those, let alone little children.

There are some ways to break it down, though, and help kids comprehend the holiest time of the year for Christians.

First off, keep it simple. Remind kids that Jesus was born on Christmas, grew up and was put to death because some people did not like the message he taught of love, peace, and kindness to others. You'll need to teach children that Jesus was killed by some very bad people but his life was not over. In fact, this is the happiest ending of them all — Jesus died for each of us so that we could live and have eternal salvation.

The Easter story is timeless and there are elements that dovetail with many things in our lives today — like lessons of friendship, betrayal, and a firm faith in one's beliefs.

If you believe your children are old enough to understand you can explain how one of Jesus' own followers betrayed him for money and that Jesus refused to compromise his beliefs before eventually being crucified. These are difficult topics that will raise innumerable questions. However, you can bring in lessons from our own lives about supporting our friends and sticking to our core values to make the Easter story more relatable.

Once you establish the basic premise you can use a prop like flowers to explain the beauty of renewal. Children can understand how, during part of the year when it's cold, some flowers wither and die. However, when the weather warms, the rain and sun help those flowers to blossom again. In a similar fashion, Jesus died but was reborn in the sunlight of God's grace.

It's crucial to help children understand that Jesus was resurrected or brought back to life just a few days after he died and that is what we celebrate on Easter — Jesus' rebirth. This miracle gives Christians the strength and peace to know that they may be reborn, too, or saved through Jesus.

Children might want to know if other people — like beloved family members — can be resurrected like Jesus. It might be wise to explain to your children that even though people pass on, they get the gift of everlasting life in heaven with Jesus. This is the promise and the joy of Easter.

There are many other ways to teach and incorporate the story of Easter into your children's lives. For instance, pick up a toddler Bible or another book that will break down the Easter story into easily understandable parts for a child.

Another option is to search for a church service on Easter Sunday that caters directly to children.