July is a great month. The weather is warm, the beaches are full, and our children are in their glory, still relishing the break from class and schoolwork. But there are some children who aren't so fortunate. July, as National Make a Difference to Children Month, is the time of year dedicated to helping those children. That also makes it the perfect time of year to teach your children about giving back.

Sick Children

Right now, there are children in your local hospital battling cancer, cystic fibrosis, and host of other medical conditions. They aren't enjoying the summer breeze off the lake. They are fighting for their lives. Have your children help you put together care packages for those children. You can include books, games, stuffed animals, puzzles, coloring books, crayons, and anything else you can think of. Your child may be the real genius here; he knows what a child his own age would want.

Hungry Children

Volunteer at a local soup kitchen and bring your kids along to help. They can set tables or put out napkins, learning that there are many children who are less fortunate. Don't want to go to a soup kitchen? Create a box of donated items and bring it to the food shelf. Teach your child what foods are best to give (non-perishable) and which foods are the healthiest.

Homeless Children

Contact services in your local area that assist homeless families and children. Inquire about their needs. Then have your child help you purchase and donate any needed items, including school supplies.

Children With Disabilities

There are numerous fundraising events through the month of July that help raise money for children with disabilities or terminal illnesses. From walks to restaurant events, there's something you and your child can attend to support the cause of your choosing. In addition, you can volunteer at schools or camps for children with disabilities.

Even if you can't volunteer your time, you may be able to donate some cash to a good cause. Talk to your children about how important it is to donate money to help other people in need. No matter how you choose to do it, helping children in need will not only make you proud, but will teach your child the value of compassion and kindness.