Have you seen the new collector's Barbie by TokiDoki? She has bright pink short-cropped hair, a skull and crossbones top over tight pants, and is sporting a sleeve's worth of tattoo art on her skin.

New Barbie, New Style

The mom in me is supposed to not like her and rant and rave how this is the downfall of society. But the rational part of me knows that this is the best looking Barbie product in ages. She reflects the times we are living in much better than blonde Barbie in her tight Vegas pant suits and obnoxiously high heeled shoes. Barbie usually looks like she has a Chicken Soup for the Soul book with her. TokiDoki Barbie looks like she might have a copy of Crime and Punishment in her purse — and that is cool.

Mattel is claiming this punkish Barbie is for collectors only — adult collectors at that. But what kid wouldn't want to play with TokiDoki Barbie? She looks cool, hip, fashionable, and smart. Will elementary school kids want to rush out and get body art? Hard to say. Don't we already give kids water-based tattoos as party favors in pinatas? At least Barbie's tattoos are tastefully don — more so than many a Barbie-playing kid's mom, I bet.

A Reflection of Our Culture

The biggest objection to this Barbie seems to be the permanent body art and the supposed message it will send to our young kids that it is okay to get tattoos. But more than likely it will be the families that have embraced tattooing that will wind up getting the doll. And what's wrong with tattoos in this day and age?

Mattel has given us a fun, tasteful doll that seriously is the best looking Barbie in years — one that quite possibly mirrors the consumers a bit more than usual. This one I might actually consider purchasing if I weren't probably a bit too anti-Barbie in the first place.

When Purchasing a Barbie

Consider the ones geared towards vocations rather than princesses might be a prudent move to steer girls into the idea of engaging in the world and less with passive princess ideals. Barbie the Veterinarian, if you will, over Barbie the Supermodel.

Mom Logic has a great list of other dolls that were seen as controversial in their day.

Do you want one of these, too, or are you horrified at the insensitivity of the doll makers? What would be taboo in a doll for you?