Not long after my twins arrived, I fell into a depression of epic proportions. Experts estimate that while 15% of deliveries result in some form of Post Partum Depression, upwards of 85% of mothers of newborn multiples experience depression in some way, shape or form. Mine leaned towards the medical intervention end of the spectrum, and with proper anti-depressants, therapy and a wonderfully understanding (and patient) husband, I came through relatively unscathed. But, for those Moms, I'd dare say it's just about every new Mother, who experiences the "baby blues", there may be an unconventional yet effective treatment without resorting to seeing a professional or requiring a prescription to beat the blues.

Here's the revelation. Ready?

Get a broom and sweep the floor.

According to a team at University College London, just 20 minutes of housework and chores, over a week-long period can combat the risk of depression by up to 20%. The scientists' findings actually aren't specific to just housekeeping activities. Any exercise, even a minimal amount, can help cut the likelihood for experiencing depression, anxiety or both. The study specifies that "sporting sessions" are more effective, but we all know the difficulties in scheduling regular exercise with an infant, toddler or especially with twins. Dance around the living room, play a rousing game of hide-and-seek, pick up a shovel and go dig in the sandbox with the kids, as any movement will make a difference, according to this study.

I'm not sure I'll give up my naptime-Bon-Bon break that now does the trick to keep the demons at bay, but I'll try anything once. Now, where's that broom?