Math is not my strong suit. I'd much rather read to my daughters or teach them their ABCs, but, whether I like it or not, math is a big part of everyday. From doubling a recipe to budgeting for groceries, I use math more than I'd like to admit, and I've realized that my girls need to be more comfortable with numbers than I am. Just because it's summer, it doesn't mean you can't keep your child's math skills up to par.

Cooking With Kids

Cooking is a great way to teach and enhance your child's math skills. Measuring out ingredients with your child will help her learn fractions. And if you're planning to double the recipe, she can brush up on her multiplication too.

Children's Travel

Traveling tends to be a drag when you have kids on board. These days, instead of playing the license plate game like we did as children, our kids are plugged into a DVD or handheld video game. Use the four-hour car ride to grandma's house as an opportunity to teach her math. Talk about the distance you'll be driving, the speed you are going, and the amount of time the trip will take. Have her work out the math on her own to figure out how much time is left.

Chores for Kids

Chores are a must for kids. They teach kids responsibility and teamwork. And if you're awarding your child, it can also teach her math. Use change to pay your child the agreed upon amount for doing extra chores around the house in addition to her usual ones. She can learn all about counting, adding and subtracting money as she earns it, saves it, and spends it.

Shopping for Math

Trips to the grocery store are another opportunity to gain math skills. Your child can help you with the budget, keep tally of how much you are spending, subtract coupon amounts, and

learn about weight in the produce department.

Math Games

Rainy days in the summer lead to lots of whines and complaints of boredom. Keep your child busy with some downloadable fun math games or introduce her to online learning games.

These are just some of the teaching opportunities that are out there for you and your kids. Use your imagination and just about any activity can teach your child some form of math.

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