If there's one item any mom who uses baby bottles needs, it's a bottle sterilizer. I had been given one that I thought I would only use a few times since I was exclusively breastfeeding. But then my first daughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

I was instructed by her doctors to give her a bottle of breast milk each day with certain medically necessary ingredients added to it. Then my daughter started using nebulizers, which she does at least once a day and sometimes up to four times a day. Each nebulizer needs to be sterilized and completely air-dried. It may seem simple, but with three small children it was a daily struggle that included melting numerous nebulizer cups. But since the debut of the WABI Baby, everything changed.

How I Found Out About It

I learned about the WABI Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Drier from another mom of child with CF. She was raving about its convenience, and since I had melted so very many nebulizers on the stove, and was wondering how I could ever get my daughter to school on time while trying to clean and sterilize nebulizers, I knew I had to try it.

What's Great About It

The WABI sterilizer doesn't just sterilize. It also dries. It dries! So whether you are sterilizing nebulizers like me, or baby bottles or pacifiers or toys, you aren't going to be shaking excess water out of them when you need to use them. You wash the items, pour water into the bottom of the sterilizer, place the items inside on one of three levels, push a button, and in an hour you'll have clean, sterile, and dry items ready to go. You won't have to grab a paper towel and hope the fibers don't get left behind on the inside of the bottles. But the biggest benefit is that you won't have to leave the items to air dry on the counter where they can easily collect dust, cat hair, food splatter, or anything else floating around your house.

What It Compares To

As a breastfeeding mother of three, I've purchased and used my fair share of bottle sterilizers. And by fair share, I mean four. The WABI is similar to each of them including the Avent Microwave Sterilizer and the Philips Bottle Sterilizer which sits on the counter. Each sterilizes quickly. But the similarities stop there. No other bottle sterilizer also dries and deodorizes.

Who It's Best For

The WABI Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Drier is perfect for any breastfeeding or formula feeding mom. It's also great for the parents of any children who frequently using nebulizers for a medical condition, especially those parents who have so much more they want to think about than nebulizers all day long. And if you're like me and you're embarrassed about the amount of times you've had to request new nebulizer cups because you melted yet another, then this is perfect for you.

How It Could Be Better

There is one feature on the WABI that could be improved. In its description, it says that the deodorizing function of the WABI is optional. However, when I first tried the WABI Baby, I couldn't get the option to turn off. I called WABI and they admitted that there was a typo in the brochure. The deodorizer is not actually optional. This would be fine, except the deodorizing function uses a process called ionization. Ionization creates ozone and ozone is very unhealthy for people with lung conditions like my daughter. And while I researched it enough to know that the amount of ozone produced is very minimal and perfectly fine for the average household, I make sure to turn the machine off when it starts the deodorizing cycle, just in case. It would be great if this function really was optional on future models.

Bottom Line Recommendation

I would definitely recommend this to new moms who are on the lookout for a great bottle sterilizer. It's easy and efficient and gives you a few less worries in your life. Who doesn't want to worry less?

Where to Get Yours

The WABI sterilizer is available online at Amazon.com.