The most read and adored children's books often feature animals rather than people. Because if there's anything children love more than reading, it's animals. Pets and children are the best of friends, and these new books staring birds and cows and other creatures are sure to be a hit. If your children already have more toys than your house can handle, consider getting them books for Christmas instead. Reading together will lead to a stronger vocabulary and a tighter bond. Here are four awesome books to read with your kids from newborn through age five. 

No Two Alike

This adorable and peaceful book features two little red birds as they explore a winter landscape and discover that no two things are alike. Not snowflakes, not branches, not forests, and not two little red birds.


Join Cow on her wild adventure as she takes the farmer's car for a ride. Your child will laugh out loud at this silly book.

Hello, Chick

This peekaboo book is adorable and your children will love watching each animal say hello. From kitten to puppy and gosling to lambs, and eventually baby chick, each farm animal is happy to meet you.

Bear and Duck

Meet a bear who wants to be a duck. He's tired of sleeping all winter but he's too hot in the summer. He wonders what it's like to be a duck and gets a few duck lessons from his new friend Duck.

Kids love books. Kids love animals. With these new releases, shopping for stocking stuffers just got easier!