Back-to-school shopping can be an exciting adventure. There's nothing like the thrill of purchasing crayons not yet dulled through abuse and overuse, and sneakers still shiny and unscuffed, to build a child's eager anticipation over the upcoming school year.

For parents, back-to-school shopping yields an entirely different type of anticipation: the fear of an empty wallet. But with so many back-to-school bargains available this season, it is entirely possible to send your kids to school in style without breaking the bank.

Tax-Free Weekends

Over 15 states offer Tax-Free Weekends during the month of August, just in time for the back-to-school shopping season. Different states have different laws about which purchase are tax-exempt, but in my home state of Missouri for example, consumers can buy clothing, school supplies, and even computers. When you're making large purchases, savings add up quickly.

Free Kids' Cuts at JCPenney

JC Penney is offering free kids' haircuts in their store salons during the month of August to all students entering grades K-6. What's better than free?

Binder Recycling at Staples

For every used binder that you bring in to the store to be recycled, Staples will offer a $2 discount on each new one that you purchase — a nice way to go green and save green at the same time.

Discounts for Teachers

Parents aren't the only ones spending big bucks to get ready for the upcoming school year. In many districts, teachers are forced to pay for classroom supplies out of their own pockets.

Fortunately, many stores offer discounts for teachers and educators, and if you're a teacher and a parent, you can take advantage of these deals for your personal school supply shopping as well.

Labor Day Sales

While it's tempting to buy the brand new backpack and lunchbox before the school year begins, it may be wise to consider holding off on larger purchases if you're looking for ways to save.

By Labor Day, many retailers are anxious to get rid of excess back-to-school inventory, so consumers can take advantage of some incredible deals — according to Money Crashers, items will often go on sale for 50 to 75% off the original price.

What are your favorite tips for saving money on school supplies?