Leprechauns are notorious for being sneaky pranksters. They will do anything possible to avoid being trapped, including offering their captor a gold coin or the granting of three wishes. For ages, humans have tried to trap these tiny magical shoe makers in hopes of obtaining riches and wishes.

Have a little fun with this legend on St. Patrick's Day and surprise the kiddos with all the funny things leprechauns will do to avoid being captured.

Make a Leprechaun Trap

Have the kids gather items from around the house to build their own leprechaun trap. Shoe boxes, empty cereal boxes and small baskets are a good jumping off point. Leprechauns are always in search of gold and can be coaxed with shiny objects. Use coins, jewelry, or aluminum foil as bait in your trap.

Play Some Leprechaun Pranks

Even though your trap was good, it didn't fool the leprechaun! He realized your trick and decided to trick you back with a few classic leprechaun pranks, such as:

  • Turning the dinner milk green. (Use a few drops of food coloring.)
  • Leaving a trail around your house. (Sprinkle green glitter or confetti where he walked.)
  • Tricking you with fool's gold. (A chocolate coin in a gold wrapper.)
  • Stealing your shoes. (He is a show maker by trade and may have taken the kids shoes back to his workshop for parts.)

Leprechaun traps and pranks will add some fun to your green-filled day. The whole family will have a good laugh at being outsmarted by the leprechaun. You can also enjoy some good stories about St. Patrick's Day by reading some of the books listed below. May the luck of the Irish be with you!