While it seemed like Spring was never going to arrive this year, it finally has! Before we know it, it will be summer and all we'll be wishing for is air conditioning and a pool. Spring is a busy time of year and we tend to rush through it, missing out on the perfect temperatures and warm breezes. Take some time to relax and have some fun before this beautiful season passes you by.

1. Hike

It doesn't need to be an all day hike through the mountains that will leave your back aching from carrying kids. Take a stroll down a local nature path or around your town's reservoir or lake. The one or two hours in nature will help your entire family feel more peaceful and alive.

2. Fish

Take the kids fishing. It will be a great chance to bond and spend some time outdoors together.

3. Camp

Even if it's in your own backyard, a night of camping can feel like a vacation. And who doesn't love s'mores made over the fire pit?

4. Make a Fairy Garden

Kids love the magic of fairies. Turn a small corner of your yard into a fairy garden to invite the woodland creatures into your child's life.

5. Plant Some Fun

Just one or two special plants can bring some life to your yard that will keep your child's attention and delight them. Butterfly bushes and petunias will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Plant them right outside a large window so you can watch them whenever you want.

6. Join an Exercise Group

Programs like Stroller Strides get you exercising with your child. Check for one in your area to get you both outside in the fresh air.

7. Help Out a Charity

Spring time is full of opportunities to get outside as a family while helping out a good cause. Check out local 5k walks and fun runs and teach your children to make a difference.

8. Visit the Beach

This time of year the beach will be empty and your kids can build in the sand for hours. It might not be swimming weather, but you can still have plenty of fun.

9. Fly a Kite

Spring breezes make for perfect kite-flying. You can find kites just about anywhere and your kids will love it.

10. Hit the Bike Path

Spring weather is perfect for breaking out your bikes and taking a ride on your local bike path. Exercise, fresh air, and fun for the whole family.

11. Garage Sale for New Fun

Check out garage sales for new-to-you kid toys — especially outdoor ones. You can get a great deal on playhouses and slides that just need a little clean up.

12. Take a Playground Tour

Kids love playgrounds. Make their weekends fun by visiting a new playground each week. From schools to churches to town parks, there's bound to be many that you've never visited.

13. Picnic With the Clouds

Break out the picnic blanket and basket and take your lunch outside. After you're done munching, you can sit back and watch the clouds roll by, looking for different shapes hidden within them.

14. Visit the Dog Park

Walking the same route day in and day out can get boring for each of you. Spice things up with a fun trip to the local dog park.

Summer is coming quickly. Slow down the pace and enjoy Spring while it's here.