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Fun Family Activities That Dad Will Love

Posted June 13, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Getting your family out for an adventure with dad can be a breeze. Just pay attention to what he likes and make it family friendly. Here are some ideas you can try to get him motivated.

Science Fair Projects to Try at Home: The Weather

Posted June 6, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Get your child interested in science by trying these fun experiments at home. Learn how to make a tornado and a cloud inside recycled 2-liter bottles.

7 Fun Meal Ideas for Picky Eaters

Posted May 30, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Facing mealtimes with a picky eater doesn't have to be disastrous. Just add a little fun to the recipe with these simple meal ideas.

Explore the Lewis and Clark Trail for a Historical Family Vacation

Posted May 29, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Take your family on a historical adventure on the Lewis and Clark trail. With so many cities to explore, there's bound to be one near you.

Working Moms and Stay-at-Home Moms: Can't We All Just Get Along?

Posted May 27, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Working moms and stay-at-home moms, unite! We need a unified front to win the battle of mommy-hood. Besides, it's always much more fun to get along.

How to Do a Girls' Night Out as a Mom

Posted May 22, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Spend a night out with your favorite girls. All you need is a little planning and you can have a frugal night out that will refresh you until the next one.

25 Great Everyday Uses For Vinegar

Posted May 17, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Save money, make tastier food, and get your house clean with vinegar. Here are 25 ways to use vinegar every day.

Visit Your Favorite Family Movie Locations in Astoria, Oregon

Posted May 16, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Take a family vacation and visit sites of your favorite movies, all in one spot. Astoria, Oregon is affordable, charming, and the backdrop for some family film favorites.

10 Egg Carton Crafts to Make With Your Child

Posted April 28, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Don't throw away those egg cartons. Use them to make fun and inspiring crafts with your kids. You'll be teaching them about recycling and creativity all at once. Plus, it's just fun.

30 Hard Boiled Egg Recipes

Posted April 24, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Looking at a lot of boiled egg leftovers after Easter can be a fun and exciting time to try tasty new recipes. Here are 30 ways to use boiled eggs.

10 Easy Freezer Friendly Meals

Posted April 20, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Running out of time to make dinner? Whether it's a new baby or a full time job, these freezer meals can help you have a home cooked meal and save you money at the store.

10 Baby Shower Games to Keep the Party Going

Posted April 18, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Baby shower games are essential to every shower. Here are 10 tried-and-true games to keep your guests entertained.

Homemade Playdough Recipes, and How to Survive the Clean-Up

Posted April 13, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Here are fun and easy playdough recipes, as well as tips to help you clean up afterward.

Bird Crafts for Spring

Posted April 12, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Make fun and recycled bird crafts with your child to welcome the Spring.

13 Fun Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Posted April 8, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

You can decorate a baby shower and have fun too with these lovely and easy decoration ideas.

Birthday Party Game Ideas

Posted March 23, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Throwing your child's next birthday party can be a cinch. Just get the party started with these classic birthday games and have fun.

How to Handle Your Child's Fear About World News

Posted March 23, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Calming your child's fear about world news isn't easy, but it is doable. Here are five ways to walk your child through the anxieties that come with world events.

10 Ways to Do Less Laundry

Posted March 20, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Do laundry less often by using these tips. Watch your loads dwindle and your clothes shine.

Geocaching With Kids

Posted March 16, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

A high tech treasure hunt with an educational twist? What's not to love? Here's why you want to geocache with your kids, and how to get started.

How to Do a Family Chore Day

Posted March 13, 2011 by Sonja Stewart

Organizing a family chore day is easy and can actually be, (gasp) fun! Here are ways to make it appealing and bearable for you and your kids.