According to data from the Center for Disease Control, more babies are born during the summer months than any other months of the year. In 2010, September topped the list, with August โ€” and then June and July โ€” following closely behind.

What do these numbers mean? Besides indicating that a lot of babies are conceived during the holiday season, they also tell us that summer-themed baby shower ideas are in high demand!

Summer Babies Mean Summer Baby Showers

Have a pregnant woman in your life who is about to pop in the next few months? Use the following baby shower decorating ideas to plan a summer baby shower she'll never forget.

A Garden-Themed Baby Shower

Flowers are in full bloom during the summer months, making this the perfect time to host a garden-themed baby shower. A beautiful garden is the perfect setting for this party, but you can recreate a garden theme just about anywhere with the following tips.

  • Decorate with lots of fresh flowers and potted plants.
  • Use floral linens and invitations.
  • Hang paper lanterns or twinkle lights.
  • Serve Lavendar Lemonade with edible flowers floating on top.

A Storybook-Themed Baby Shower

A storybook-themed baby shower works well any time of year, but certain childhood favorites like Peter Rabbit and Make Way for Ducklings really lend themselves to summer parties โ€” just expand upon the theme of bunnies or ducks and your planning is complete!

For more book-themed baby shower inspiration, check out these ideas for a Golden Books Baby Shower, and get food and drink ideas from Martha Stewart's Mother Goose-Themed Menu.

A Pool Party-Themed Baby Shower

If the expectant mama is willing to put on a bathing suit, why not throw a baby shower that doubles as a pool party, or even a "Backyard Baby-que"? Serve food like sliders and potato salad, and use water balloons to play fun baby shower games like Don't Break the Water.

This idea works particularly well for a co-ed baby shower; just be sure to open the gifts before everyone gets wet.

A Beach-Themed Baby Shower

What pregnant mama wouldn't enjoy a relaxing day at the beach? Beach-themed baby shower supplies are easy to find during the summer, and the party ideas are endless.

  • Use inflatable beach balls, sand buckets, umbrellas, and sea shells for decorations.
  • Beach towels can double as fun, creative tablecloths.
  • Serve tropical drinks like strawberry daiquiris (virgin for the guest of honor, of course).
  • Blue and orange are popular color choices for a beach-themed party.
  • Fill fish bowls with blue jello and gummy worms for beach-themed centerpieces.

Have you thrown a summer baby shower? What theme did you use?