Siblings are built-in lifelong friends. But when your children are young, it doesn't always seem that way. Fighting and competitiveness are just two of the ways siblings can butt heads from time to time. But just when it seems like your children may never get along, they surprise you by lovingly sharing or lending a helping hand. National Siblings Day is April 10. Use it to help foster a deeper relationship between your children with some fun activities.

A Special Meal

One child might love chicken and the other one pasta, but getting your children together for a special meal cooked up by them and for them will be a fun adventure for all. Let them choose the menu together and help you prepare it. Take turns measuring and pouring ingredients and then talk about what makes them both unique and special individuals.

A Combined Effort

Do your children usually build Legos or sand castles separately? Get them together on a project to combine their efforts and learn to work as a team. Be ready to teach them the best ways to handle a difference of opinion on how the project should unfold but also be ready to see the pride on their faces when they accomplish something together.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Get out the photo albums and look at pictures from when they were younger. Go back to the day a younger sibling was born and talk about how excited the big brother or sister was to have a sibling. Share memories of those first days at home together, and photos of one sibling holding the other. Break out the home videos while you're at it. They will love seeing themselves on the "big" screen.

Books About Siblings

Head to the library and check out some books about siblings with your young children. Your little ones will like reading My Sister and I or Brothers Forever. Another option is watching Frozen for the 400th time or reading one of the books about the movie.

Gifts for Each Other

Break out the crafts and have your kids make gifts for each other. Have them really think about what the other would like in terms of favorite colors or animals. Learning that giving is better than receiving is one of the best lessons we can learn by having siblings.

It isn't always easy to be a good brother or sister no matter how old you are. And if one of your children has a special health need, it can be even tougher on your other children. Siblings Day is a great opportunity to celebrate each of your children and who they are to each other.