Sibling rivalry and conflict — it's a part of family life, but it's also an issue that doesn't get much easier for parents to bear. We want to know how you handle (or teach your children to handle) sibling rivalry — especially with children who are particularly challenging. Bring your tips for other parents, or come for help from moms and dads who have been there.

  • Do your children get along well, or do you find yourself breaking up arguments?
  • How do you stay calm when your children argue?
  • Do any of your children get frustrated quickly?
  • Are any of your children particularly difficult to handle when conflict arises?
  • How do you handle their conflicts? Or do you let them handle their issues?
  • Have you talked to your children about how to handle their own arguments?

Everyone is welcome to chat! Sit down (if you can) for a break, use #pschat to participate, and make sure you're following @parentingsquad for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card!

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