It’s increasingly likely that you are getting more and more of your entertainment these days from an app on your smartphone or tablet and spending less time chained to your television and your cable box. The entertainment industry is awash in solid, exciting content, and it’s so prolific that it’s a challenge to even attempt to keep up with all of it.

With all of these choices for content literally at your fingertips, you’ve probably spent some time pondering the question: Should I cut the cable cord? 

It’s a big question and truly depends on your viewing habits, and your comfort with technology. Here are a few things to consider when wondering whether to breakup with your cable company.


You Might Save Significant Money

Depending on what you spend on cable each month, you might be better served to purchase a smart TV and use it as an extension of your smartphone or tablet to stream programs that you like directly from the apps. You have to do your homework and determine how much you would spend each month on subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN, HBO or other apps that charge for content.

If you only spend $30-50 each month on TV apps, then you might be in line to save upwards of $75-80 a month. Also, many channels offer their content for free, so there are many places to watch shows that you don’t have to pay for.

It Gives You More Control Over What You Watch

With cable, you’re paying for loads of channels you might not watch. When you choose a la carte apps, you can select if you want to pay for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, or any of the others. It’s TV on your terms.

You Won’t Have to Deal With a Cable Company Contract

Also, if the cable company is giving you rebates for six months or a year, you know that at some point in the future, the bill is going to be due and you’re going to have to pay up. Cutting the cord allows you to avoid all that drama.

There Are Plenty of Quality Options to Help You Stream Content

Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Stick, Apple TV all have products that will turn your smart TV into a hub of endless television viewing. Also, you’ll need to invest in an HD antenna to get your local over-the-air channels.


It Won't Work For Everyone

What type of TV viewer are you? Do you love live sports? Do you want to catch the latest episodes of the most popular shows as soon as they air? If so, cutting the cable cord might not be your best option. When you cut the cord, you might not be able to watch all the regional sports networks that carry your team’s games. While Watch ESPN is a solid option, you have to pay a la carte for the service.

Waiting Is Hard

As for watching shows in real-time, it seems like some networks are catching on and putting their content online almost as soon as it hits the air, but not many at this point. If you cut the cord, you might have to wait a while to catch up on entire seasons of your favorite shows.

Managing Multiple Viewing Apps Can Be an Annoyance

Another issue is having to manage the apps, sign in, and jump from one app to another. This is probably minor, but it might get annoying.

It Might End up Costing You the Same as Cable

Finally, paying for a la carte apps and paying for fast Internet to stream all that content, you might find that you’re still paying close to what you’re paying the cable company.

Have you cut the cable cord? Share with us in the comments.

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