We're barely halfway through the summer, and the hot-weather savings are still in full swing. Take advantage of these discounts for your household while they last.


Office supplies

There's nothing like a back-to-school sale to stock up on rulers, pens, and folders. Fierce competition means that many of these items are on sale for mere pennies. Don't forget to use ad matches for stores that honor competitor's prices on the same product, and cut coupons for those stores that allow you to use both a store coupon and a vendor coupon.

Christmas in July

While you're shopping for school items, companies love to keep you moving to other departments. Check to see if the store's ad flyer has certain toys on sale. Unless you want to wait until the fantastic-but-last-minute-savings-craze at the end of November, this might be the best chance to save before Thanksgiving.

Food: It's not just chips and soda

Yes, there are lots of junk food on sale from May to September, but there are several healthy options in grocery stores and supercenters that parents can store in the freezer or pantry for the coming months.

Fresh produce

Summer is a great time, nutritionally and economically, to stock up on produce that's in season. It won't last without preservation, but most fruits are easy to freeze and require only a little preparation before their trip to the freezer. Check out this two-page guide to freezing fruits and vegetables by Cooks Illustrated.

Another alternative is to dry your produce, including herbs Check out this informative guide about drying produce. It includes answers to common questions and concerns about drying foods, and offers a variety of methods. No dehydrator required!

Pantry staples

In addition to toys and gifts, pantry staples are often included in summertime ads this time of year. Taco shells, rice, beans, and crackers are all making an appearance in current store flyers. For additional information on what to keep on hand for winter months, consult this article on the top foods you should keep in case of an emergency.


Purchasing meat, especially steaks and hamburger patties, in the summer can add up to big savings. Wrapped properly, raw meat can be stored in a freezer for 4-12 months. Pull out of the freezer and put in the refrigerator in time to thaw for those fall camping trips and grilling get-togethers when the weather isn't so hot.

Take note...

Sometimes, there are big drops in prices. Other times, the stores just want you to think that. Back-to-school discounts and summer holiday flyers offer some of the best prices, but as the consumer, be on guard. Be vigilant in checking prices. Tape a couple of receipts from winter months to the inside of your kitchen cabinet and compare in the summer with what flyers are calling "savings."

Resources for the frugal shopper

Don't get the Sunday paper? Or missed out because of vacation? No problem. SundaySaver leads you to the correct page on a number of store sites where you can access the weekly flyer.

Sites like mygrocerydeals.com help shoppers compare prices in local grocery stores, as well as offering printable coupons. These sites generally require membership, so read the fine print.