After the baby's born you'll drop some weight. Yay! Good for you. And then you will hover like a midnight craving at the fridge for months at a time trying to lose that 10 pounds of baby fat. You've plateaued to two sizes bigger than you were before you got pregnant. You're stuck.

This month, thanks to some inspiration by the ladies of The Balancing Act, I gave the Swedish Diet a try to get over that hump. Does it work? Yes. But don't expect dramatic results.

Essentially, the Swedish Diet is a meal replacement program. You essentially cut out my favorite meal of the day — breakfast — and drink a shotglass worth of green herbal elixir with a glass of water instead. Other meals get to be what you'd normally do with little snacks in between. During the first week, you take another shot of elixir in the afternoon (presumably to stave off hunger that comes in the mid-afternoon).

As diet programs go, it's not bad. It tastes fine and you aren't rushing to the bathroom thinking you must have done something horribly wrong. You hardly know you are dieting. Unlike other programs, my heart didn't start racing nor did I feel like I was going to have a panic attack — which those products laced with caffeine seem to do.

All in all, not an unpleasant experience. As usual, you are to take on a normal amount of exercise.

But it isn't magic. You aren't going to look like the blonde on the box, but for me it was nice to be able to knock off seven pounds that puts me right where I want to be for the real dieting to begin.

The writer received a complimentary sample of Swedish Diet in exchange for this review. The opinions expressed are all her own. 

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