Social media is an amazing tool to keep in touch with our friends and faraway family. We share our photos, our success and failures and sometimes, the most intimate moments of our lives.

But when it comes to our kids, should we?

There is no Facebook filter preventing us from sharing pictures of our kids or warning signs to stop us from putting information out there that might compromise our child's education, friendships or jobs. It might be nice if there were.

Here's a example from my own life — a few weeks ago one of our young children got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. He must have been exhausted because after he did his business, he laid down and fell asleep on the bathroom floor. That is where I found him early the next morning. I snapped a photo of him in a position because it was so cute and funny. My first thought was, "I have to put this on Facebook." But then I reconsidered. Was that the right thing to do? That picture — while family-friendly — would live on social media forever. My child did not have a say in the matter so was that fair to him?

Ultimately, I decided against it.

Every time we post something it is our judgment call. But there are some guidelines to follow before posting something about your child on social media.

Ask Yourself: 

  • Is there an "ewww" factor to the photo or info?
  • Could the post cause a rift between your child and someone else?
  • Could the post trouble for your child at school or other areas of their life?

Ask Your Child: 

  • If your child is old enough, ask her every time you want to post about her. Show her the picture that you want to share or ask her if she approves of the status update before you hit "send." It may cause a spirited debate but respecting her wishes is paramount.

Refer to Others: 

  • Another thing to do is take a look at the posts that your friends submit about their kids. Do they cross the line? Do they walk the fine line between sharing and oversharing?
  • Another option is to ask someone to look at your page and give you an honest, unvarnished opinion of your posts. Do your posts go too far?

​What to NEVER Post: 

  • No matter how old your child is, you should never post nude or topless photos or any topics that can be construed as controversial. The last thing that you want to do is cast your child in a negative light.
  • Also, ask yourself if the post might create problems with your child's boyfriend or damage a friendship. Remember that people can share your posts, so something that you might only expect your friends to see could actually be seen by untold amounts of people.

Keep in mind that while we're all proud of our kids, you might be opening them up to ridicule at school, work or on the playground with certain posts, comments or photos. It's a connected world and a questionable post will spread quickly. That's why it's more important than ever to hold off on a post if you have any question whether it's appropriate.