Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and whether you're having a party or not, you can always make snacks. We searched the web for kid-friendly, football style snacks that are on the healthier side.

Kickoff Cheese Ball

Kids love cheese and kids also love dipping their food. This football shaped cheese ball recipe from is not only fun to eat, but healthier than any dip you'll buy at the store. Red pepper and garbanzo beans kick things up a notch.

Football Pizza Pockets

Here's a snack that will be a hit with your kids. Picture the Recipe shares these pizza pockets shaped like footballs. You can add whatever usual pizza toppings your kids love, and since you made it, it will be way healthier than any take out pizza you might have considered ordering.

Watermelon Helmet

Looking to add a bit of fruit to the Super Bowl table? Turn a watermelon into a football helmet and fill it with fruit. It can double as an awesome centerpiece!

Almond Footballs and Macadamia Helmets

Can you say adorable? These almond footballs and macadamia football helmets from 1 Fine Cookie are perfect for Super Bowl Sunday.

Fruit Bars

These homemade fruit bars are sure to be a hit and they're perfect for a football game. Healthy, easy to eat, and fun.

Even if you don't love football, it's hard to resist the excitement of Super Bowl Sunday and the enthusiasm of your kids.