Nothing takes the romance out of Valentine's Day like the arrival of children. One minute, the holiday means roses, champagne, and a night full of passion — and then suddenly you're celebrating by baking two dozen egg-free, wheat-free, nut-free pink cupcakes for the class party.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with kids is fun, but there's no reason why you can't have an "adults-only" celebration as well. Need inspiration? Check out these great ideas for romantic, grown-up celebrations that we've rounded up from around the web!

Grown-up Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas

Recapture the Romance

Valentine's Day is, for the most part, an overly commercialized Hallmark holiday. But if nothing else, the fanfare that accompanies February 14 serves as a good reminder that it really is important to show our significant other how much we care. Connecting as a couple is good for your relationship, even if it feels almost impossible to accomplish.

So whether you spend a glamorous night on the town or share a glass of wine in the comfort of your living room, make the effort to spend some time alone together this Valentine's Day. Besides, isn't quiet time without the kids all the romance that parents really need anyway?

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your significant other? Or has the holiday become more about celebrating with your children?