I'm gearing up for my post-Christmas reading while the kids are outside in the snow. Okay, it hasn't snowed yet, but I can dream of the kids off with their new toys and me on the couch with a good book, right? One such good book, for me, will be Mindy Stokes's Momma Baby Mama: Story of a Knocked Up Lesbian. For the uninitiated in all things lesbian mothering, this might not be a bad place to start. If you've ever wondered why it is that same-sex marriage needs to be legalized or what the differences truly are and aren't, Mindy's book will show you the way.

Mindy and her partner were ready to be parents. Only problem was finding a way to conceive — or so they thought. Mindy's book takes you through the hilarious trials and errors of conception, but it doesn't stop there. Being lesbian parents in Central Florida is possibly more of a hindrance than any other aspect of motherhood. Discrimination against same-sex couples and lesbian mothers in particular seem to know no bounds, and the couple make their way to the safe haven of Oregon so they might raise their daughter free of hang-ups and discrimination.

If you think Momma Baby Momma is too heavy a read, you're entirely mistaken. Mindy has a great comedic sense even while delivering the most heavy of issues. This is one of those can't-put-down page-turners that's both cultural commentary, how to (or how to not), and exceptionally humorous and fun all at once.

Make someone put Momma Baby Momma in your stocking!