The Diaper Genie — a great invention right? Not so much if your husband breaks yours like mine did. So what do you do with all those refills if your husband is The Hulk or if you just have them sitting around? Besides letting your child roll the canister up and down the hall, there are new roles that little ring of plastic can take on. All you need are scissors.

1. Small Garbage Bags

Cut off a section, tie of the bottom, and voila! It's a garbage bag for the car or your bathroom.

2. Scoop the Poop

No one wants pet poop on her hands. Use your Diaper Genie refill to pick up after Fido and Fluffy. Take it with you when you walk the dog, or make a few bags to leave next to the litter box. Actually, repurpose the whole Diaper Genie into a litter box genie and scoop the poop right into it.

3. Travel Bag

I hate packing my shoes in the same suitcase or bag as my clothes, but I don't want to pay to check luggage. Make little bags to pack your toiletries and your shoes. This is a great way to keep shampoo and dirt off the clothes in your suitcase and cut down on baggage.

4. Store Wet or Soiled Clothes

Make a bag to bring with you on vacation. Kids get dirty, and when traveling, it can be hard to find the time, the will, or a place to do laundry. You can use a Diaper Genie bag to carry and repack your wet bathing suit or your kid's sticky clothes.

5. Painting Project

Painting a room in your home can take a couple of days. Use a Diaper Genie bag to wrap up your paintbrushes and then stick them in the fridge. The paintbrushes won't dry out and will be ready to use when it's time to get back to painting.

A Diaper Genie refill can hold 180 of your baby's diapers, so just imagine what else it can do for you. And even if you don't want to make it work, you can always try to make a buck by selling it to a children's used item store.

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