Thanks to new technology, parents no longer need to wonder in the middle of the night if their baby's symptoms are serious. There is no need to call a doctor to check if your child is meeting the right milestones at the right time. Although contacting a doctor directly is still the best way to go if you are concerned about your child, modern moms and dads can get advice and insight regarding both their baby's development and ailments in a moment's notice. By computer and by phone, the medical information we want is right at our fingertips.

WebMD Baby

This new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch was created for parents of young children in order to provide them with quick access to health information. Parents can view WebMD videos, read articles, manage baby's schedule, and even create a baby book. Symptom Checker

The baby symptom checker from Parents magazine lets parents of children up to one year old zero in on symptoms fast. A few simple clinks will help you determine whether a rash or fever is cause for concern and when you should call the doctor.

Mayo Clinic Symptom Checker

The symptom checker at Mayo Clinic offers the common causes to the most common symptoms in an easy-to-access format. By entering details about a child's symptoms, parents can narrow down possible conditions to discuss with the doctor.

ProSquad Medical Pro

When questions arise regarding your child's health, you can turn to the ProSquad Medical Pro here at Parenting Squad. Melissa Arca, M.D. is a board certified pediatrician and mother of two. Visit her blog Confessions of a Dr. Mom or send her a question.

ProSquad Development Pro

Parenting Squad's resident developmental pro, Anne Zachry, Ph.D. is a pediatric occupational therapist and child development specialist. Her research has been published in a variety of medical journals. You can reach her at her website or by email.

It's easier than ever to help our children stay healthy and develop their skills. Take advantage of the expertise that is available to you through the internet and iPhone apps, but please remember to always consult your child's physician.