Families often move when opportunity knocks, but the timing is rarely ideal. How can you pack and move in the midst of school lunches, homework, and piano lessons? Easy, put your house in a box with the help of a container moving company.

How Container Movers Work

With a container moving company you pack your own items and they transport them. The company drops off a container in your driveway and you pack it at your own pace and lock it. This allows you to move larger items slowly and have more control over where things are placed. You can work slowly and carefully in between naps and soccer practice. If you’ve got things you know are going straight into storage you can get a separate container to pack those in.

When you’ve packed everything into the container, you call the company to pick it up and take it to your destination. You unpack it at your new home and the company picks up the empty container.

The best part is that container moving company services can cost much less than full service mover, but you still don’t have to haul the stuff down the road or across the country yourself.
Liability for Damage

The biggest disadvantage packing your own containers is that most of the liability for damage is on the customer. The moving company is generally only liable for damage resulting from traffic accidents or some other damage to the container itself. Anything having to do with loading or packing is considered to be your fault.

Check your insurance policy to find out if goods will be covered for damage in transit. Many policies only cover goods that have been packed, transported, and unpacked by professionals.

Beat the Scammers
We’ve all heard the horror stories about a house full of goods that hit the highway and never came back. Unethical movers are a reality. The best way to find a reputable company is to ask for referrals from friends and local realtors. You can also check with your local Better Business Bureau. Remember that you get what you pay for.

In general, the larger chains are your better bet, however these are likely independently owned so you’ll still want to do your homework. Be wary of low-cost movers. Fees among reputable movers should not vary greatly. Much as you may want to support your best friend’s cousin’s buddy who just started his new moving business, this is not the time to bargain shop or take a risk on a new mover.

Get recommendations and then meet with potential companies before you decide. Never contract with a moving company based on Internet research alone.